Agenda for Wed., Nov. 13, 2013 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Richmond Police Department “Beat” Report: Officer Dave Longacre will report on what is happening in Marina Bay.

Moody Underpass Update:  Jacqueline Majors

Detective Donovan Dicious RPD: Gain an understanding about what the Detective  Division does!

Jarid Martin – Contra Costa Regional Parole Office:  Parole isn’t what it used to be!  What has changed?

Directions if you’re driving: At the western end of Regatta Drive make a left onto Marina Way South, drive approximately 1/8 mile; at the first four-way intersection turn left onto Hall Avenue and then turn right into the parking lot to the right of the Harbor Master’s Building. Enter the large ground floor classroom from the side entrance to the building. Handicapped parking is available.

Directions if you’re walking or bicycling: Follow the Esplanade heading west along the harbor, continuing along the boardwalk past  Salute Ristorante and in just a few minutes you’ll arrive at the Harbor Master Building.

2013’s Remaining Meeting Dates: The 23rd Annual Holiday Potluck, Dec. 11.   Mark your calendars!!