Meeting Minutes January 8, 2014

  1. Announcements

Stan opened the meeting at 7:30 pm and did introductions. No announcements were recorded.

  1. Beat Officer’s Report (Daniel Sanchez)

Office Sanchez gave a report with no significant crimes. Questions were asked about park restrooms. They are currently open 24 hours but will look into the possibility of them closing at night. They used to be policed by a private security service but no longer. Questions were asked about recent reports of mail theft, he will find out and report back. Questions were also asked about cameras surveillance and if the City funds or supports it. The City has some but they are not adding on, even if purchased by others. They can provide advice to those that want to install cameras.

  1. Moody Underpass Update (Jacqueline Majors)

Jacqueline Majors reported that there were no current delays in the Moody Underpass project. She added 4 large signs to help direct people to businesses in the area. She is also addressing street light outage with the City. If anyone has issues or questions about the project they should email her and not the City. Her email address is; Additional information regarding the project can be obtained by visiting the project website at

  1. Presentation on Contaminated Soils in the Marina Bay Neighborhood by Sherry Padgett

Sherry is a longtime resident and business owner in the Marina Bay area that has been very active in researching and understanding the situation surrounding the management of toxic materials as the Marina Bay area has been developed. She presented a history of the area and maps showing sites where long term disposal sites exist. There is a Richmond SE Shoreline Advisory Group and a Toxics Committee that meets once a month.


  1. Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM


Meeting Minutes Submitted by Bob Bezek, Secretary.