Meeting Minutes January 14, 2015

Opening and Announcements – Stan Anderson

The meeting opened at 7:30 pm and Stan did introductions.


Election of Officers – Stan Anderson

Election of officers was held and by unanimous vote all officers were re-elected to their positions. Stan Anderson – Chair, Barbara Norrish – Vice Chair, Lynne Therriault – Treasurer, Bob Bezek – Secretary.

Lighted Signs Discussion – Stan Anderson

Proposals for lighted billboard signs are coming before the City planning department. The general sense of the group was not in favor of lighted billboards.

Bobalou Café Alcohol Permit – Stan Anderson

A discussion was held regarding a request by the new Bobalou Café to serve alcohol. The restaurant is located in the business park area across from the bingo hall. The group had no objections with the proposal.

Poe Housing Development Status – Stan Anderson

Mr. Poe is proposing a 62 townhome development on the 4 acre site near the Rosie the Riveter Museum. Stan explained that it is not consistent with the City Landuse plan which has the area zoned for mixed use. There were a lot of questions from the audience so Stan will try to get representatives from the developer and the City planning department to attend a future meeting.

Beat Officer’s Report – No Officer Present

Moody Underpass Update – Jacqueline Majors

Project was delayed due to rain in December and is now scheduled to be completed in June 2015. They are still working on some street light issues. Stop signs will be added to the intersection with the flashing light to emphasize the need to stop. People have been running the light.

Richmond History Museum – Linda McCreary

Ms. McCreary had to leave but MBNC Treasurer Lynne Therriault made a brief presentation about the museum and made available literature that Ms. McCreary had brought with her. The Museum is open Wednesday thru Sunday. She noted that they also are the owners of the Red Oak Victory.

Mindful Life Project – JG Larochette

Mr. Larochette gave a very energized discussion about the Mindful Life Project that has a goal of creating “Healing Communities One Child at a Time.” Their organization works directly with schools to empower underserved children through mindfulness and other transformative skills to gain self-awareness, confidence, self-regulation and reliance all leading to lifelong success. Their focus is children and teachers in the K-12 range. You can visit their website at

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM


Meeting minutes submitted by Bob Bezek, MBNC Secretary.