Meeting Minutes February 11, 2015

Stan Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM, provided statement of purpose followed by introductions.

Lynne Therriault provided membership information which prompted a neighbor to question what was done with the funds collected in dues. Aside from the Holiday party and mailing, there is no specified use for the funds. Stan suggested that it would be good to look at possible organizations in greater Richmond or Marina Bay as possible recipients of donations. The Board will consider possible this at a future meeting.

The public art project approved for the space between Sheridan Point and the Craneway is pending coordination with WETA (Water Emergency Transportation Authority) ferry shoreline improvements application with BCDC (Bay Conservation and Development Commission). BCDC will not consider the project plans until the WETA plans are submitted.

Beat Officer Report:   Beat 1 Officer Villalobos reported that there had been 49 property crimes since December1 – most of these were in Point Richmond which is experiencing an increase in crime lately, perhaps related to the construction in the area. He did not have the specific numbers for Marina Bay. The homeless have been trying to set up an encampment near the storage facility on Meeker. Since this is railway property, the railroad company is dealing with the situation.

Moody Underpass Update: Brandon Majors stated that the concrete walls are approximately 80% complete. 600 tons of asphalt has been placed with more to come. Mid-June is still the planned opening date, but this will be moved out with any rain delays. In response to a question about funds that will be available for upgrades and landscaping, Stan stated that there would be some funds available, but at this point, the amount is pending any construction requirements.

Masquers Playhouse: David Cole, President of the Board of Directors – Masquers is celebrating its 60th anniversary in its 88 seat theater in Point Richmond. With an all volunteer staff and cast, this local nonprofit group presents five major productions, two Envision productions, several fundraising musical concerts, several education and development programs for young people and Off Stage which introduces new works by local playwrights in the form of staged readings. Website:; phone 510-232-3888.

Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training: Deputy Fire Marshall, Robin Poindexter, reminded the group of the importance of having multipurpose ABC fire extinguishers readily available around our homes and demonstrated the proper way to use them with high tech equipment. Neighbors then had an opportunity to use extinguishers to put out the tech flame. For many it was the first time they had held and operated an extinguisher. She also pointed out that baking soda can be used to help put out fires. Chemically, it is the same as the contents of an extinguisher, but the extinguisher is more efficient because the suppressant is under pressure. Most home fires are cooking fires – put a lid on it and never walk away from cooking food on the stove.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM