Meeting Minutes, June 10, 2015

7:35pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.   Next meeting announced for Wednesday July 8th 2015 with representatives of the planned charter school coming to talk about their plans.

Discussed community meeting held June 3rd at the Marina Bay HOA regarding issues associated with diesel exhaust, noise, and light pollution from several businesses along Regatta Blvd.

Stan advised that city is short two city planners, down from 5 to 3.   The city wants MBNC input on planned charter school.   After much discussion the group agreed that MBNC would share its concerns with city following charter school presentation at our next meeting.   Stan said he would investigate if that would be adequate notice to the city for them to slow down the project if our concerns were not addressed.

Police Beat Report: No officer present. No report

Moody Underpass Project Report (Jacqueline Majors): Ms. Majors announced partial opening of underpass by Friday July 2nd, with one lane in each direction.   No sidewalk usage. No lighting.   She said there will be “traffic controls” for drivers as contractors will still be working at the site and their safety must be ensured. Ms. Majors said the delays in work caused by the partial opening will prevent completion of the entire project until sometime in September. Some attendees felt delay into September was not properly represented when group voted on early opening at the previous meeting. Concerns were also expressed about safety without street lights during this partial opening period.

Presentation – EBMUD (Lisa McIntosh): A thorough presentation regarding water usage and the drought by local resident and EBMUD Board Member Lisa McIntosh.   Free yard water-saving devices and info packets provided to all attendees.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary