Richmond Bay Trail Network Fall 2015 Update

TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee, normally issues colorful new year and mid year reports on progress toward completing the Bay Trail in Richmond. However, so much has been accomplished during the past three months that we are sending you this special but plain vanilla third quarter update, rather than awaiting the January new year report.

The seven active projects discussed below will close over six miles of Bay Trail gaps within two years, provided that the City of Richmond (City), East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) and TRAC working together are able to secure funding to construct two of the projects when shovel ready. Most of these gaps are located around Point Pinole Regional Shoreline and between the Point Richmond & Point Molate as shown on the attached map.

Point Pinole:

EBRPD is on a roll. They have awarded a $1.5 million contract to begin public access improvements on the 150-acre Breuner Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project and are advertising for bids on a $5.6 million project to construct a second entrance to Point Pinole Regional Shoreline (PPRS) from the end of Atlas Road.

The Breuner Marsh Project includes a staging area with restrooms and motor vehicle parking accessible from the northern end of Goodrick Ave. Leading north over Rheem Creek will be 0.3 miles of new Bay Trail plus a 0.3-mile scenic spur trail enhanced by picnic areas and vista points with benches. This project will be finished by May 2016 with the next phase building another 1.2 miles of Bay Trail into PPRS scheduled for completion by May 2017. Complementing EBRPD’s Breuner project, the City has awarded BKF Engineers a $156,000 contract for design, environmental and permit work on a 0.4-mile trail along Goodrick Ave. to connect the Breuner trail staging area with the Bay Trail along the Richmond Parkway. Geotechnical and environmental technical studies are being finalized with 65% design work underway.

EBRPD’s Atlas Road entrance project includes a bridge over the UP railroad corridor linking the Bay Trail along Atlas Road with the 4.5 miles of Bay Trail within PPRS. Complementing this EBRPD project, LDK Ventures has agreed to construct 0.5 miles of Bay Trail leading north from Atlas Road toward Pinole before occupancy of a new 700,000 sq. ft. industrial building they plan to build along Atlas Road.

Point Molate:

Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), EBRPD and the City are advancing separate projects that together will complete the Bay Trail to and along the shoreline of the City’s Point Molate property by late 2017. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments voted to add BATA’s Richmond/San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project to Plan Bay Area and the regional Transportation Improvement Plan. The project definition was expanded to include the Point Molate Bay Trail section between Stenmark Drive and Castro St., rather than only as far east as Marine St., thanks to letters from Mayor Tom Butt, Contra Costa Transportation Authority and TRAC supported by 74 emails from East Bay residents. Partnering with the City, EBRPD advertised for consultant proposals and is about contract for construction design and permitting to continue the Point Molate Bay Trail 2.5 miles from Stenmark Drive to the northern border of the City’s Point Molate property.

South Richmond:

Richmond’s City Council adopted the South Richmond Transportation Connectivity Plan in mid September. Implementation of this excellent plan will greatly improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety where the Bay Trail is on city streets, rather than along the shoreline. For example, the plan calls for separating bicyclists from motor vehicle traffic on Harbour Way, Marina Way and Hoffman Blvd., as well as improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety at the broad intersection of Central Ave. and Rydin Rd. Before the ink was dry on this plan, the applicant for the Bay Walk Mixed-Use Project on a 10-acre site at the intersection of Marina Way South and Wright Ave. agreed to install bike lanes on its section of Marina Way, repave Wright Avenue with bike lanes between Marina Way and Harbour Way and make safety improvements at the intersection of Marina Way and Wright Ave.

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