Meeting Minutes, June 8, 2016

7:05pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.   President Anderson announced that Measures N and O both failed to pass at the June election.  He said that the playground associated with the AMethod Charter School will be located in a parking lot separated by bushes and a restroom from the Bay Trail.  He said the charter school expects there to be about 450 more students at their Marina Way S location if their request to the city to start a high school is approved.   President Anderson also announced that there will be a public meeting regarding pollution from the BioRad facility on Regatta Blvd on June 22nd at the Richmond Field Station of UC Berkeley.

Police Beat Report (Officer K Parlma): Officer Parlma said it was “still pretty safe down here” in Marina Bay.   He said the biggest concern recently has been mail theft, and ongoing issues with the parking area at Melville Square.   There were questions about noisy activities at the Craneway.  The officer said most of the trouble was associated with drunkenness and harrassment associated with attendees at some of the events held there.

Presentation – Anh’s Vietnamese Restaurant (Owner Geo Gelera):   Restaurant owner Geo Gelera discussed his new authentic Vietnamese food restaurant opening soon on Esplanade.   The restaurant will share parking with the Salute Restaurant.   He said the restaurant would be open 7 days a week, and they hope to open before the end of the year.   Food samples were offered to attendees for their enjoyment.

Presentation – Rosie Rally and HomeFront Festival (Supt. Tom Leatheman) :   Mr. Leatheman told the MBNC about the Rosie Rally and HomeFront Festival taking place this summer on August 13th.   At least 2088 people are needed to show up dressed like “Rosie”‘s to beat the record.   This year, they are having a Homefront Festival on the same day.   Postcards about the event were distributed to the attendees.

Presentation – National Park Service Urban Fellow (Kieron Slaughter) :   Mr. Slaughter told us about his new role as an Urban Fellow with the park service.  He says Richmond is just one of ten cities in the country to have an Urban Fellow.  He said his main project will be the design of a Richmond Wellness Trail.   He said there would be a three-day gathering (a “Charrette”) from August 8-10th of this year to consider the project.   He said the project was part of the City Manager’s health initiatives.   For more information:

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary