Meeting Minutes, January 11th, 2017

7:05pm – Police Beat Report:   Meeting began with spontaneous dialogue between Officer K. Palma and community members on a variety of concerns.   Officer Palma said there were no reports of any serious incidents in our area recently.

7:07pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.

Board Member Elections: Vice-President Bill Cady indicated that the previous slate of board members were all willing to serve another term and no one had expressed a desire to run for any of the positions.   He called for a motion to accept the new slate of officers by acclamation.   A motion was made by Elizabeth Heilman and seconded by Suzanne Nielsen.   The motion was unanimously approved.

The 2017 slate of officers are:

President — Stan Anderson

Vice President — Bill Cady

Secretary — Stephen Beard

Treasurer — Lynne Therriault

Announcements — President Stan Anderson

  1.   The city has distributed direct-mail announcements about the new rent control ordinance, which President Anderson shared.
  2.  The Richmond Police Department wants help evaluating their community engagement programs.   Surveys were distributed.
  3.  President Anderson reported that concerns were raised about water gushing down from the underpass in certain areas on to the roadway and sideways during heavy rains.  he says that he was advised that it either a design or build issue.  He reports that he emailed the city Engineer about this and hopes to have an update by the next meeting.
  4. President Anderson discussed several development items relevant to community, including the Bay Walk project, the John Henry High School Conditional Use Permit proposal, and the proposed Starbucks restaurant.    The Principal of the planned high school was present and a discussion about that proposal occurred with the community at this point.

Presentation — Donations from MBNC to notable causes

President Anderson announced the donations made by MBNC to Membe’s Way, the Richmond Police Activities League, and to the Rosie The Riveter Trust for its “Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp Program”.

Presentation – Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp Program:  Rosie the Riveter Trust Executive Director Marsha Mather-Thrift presented a slide show and presentation about the summer camp program.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary