Meeting Minutes, April 12th, 2017

7:00pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson described the role and function of the MBNC.

Beat Officer’s Report:   Officer Cortez reported for Officer K. Palma who is on paternity leave.  She stated that there were no mail thefts reported in our community in the last month.  Next week, there will be another speed operation and radar machine on Marina Bay Parkway.  The community requested that the speed operation also be conducted on Esplanade.  Cortez also reported that CVS has had a number of petty thefts.  They do have surveillance cameras, but the thieves grab and go quickly before they can be apprehended.  Cortez says that it is important that if you see something, report it, even if you do not have license plate or other information.   Use the non-emergency phone number in these cases 233-1214.  It helps the Department to know what types of crime are happening in the area so they can increase patrols as necessary.

Officer Bartley announced that the BRAVO teams have returned.  They are assigned to neighborhoods and do foot and bike patrols.  Their mission is to deal with crime trends in the area in support of the beat officers.  Officer Matsui is the BRAVO Officer for our neighborhood.

Announcements:  Stan Anderson told the community that Bay Walk is on schedule.  They have salvaged the redwood used in construction of the now demolished warehouse.  Armistice Brewery is planning to open with a couple months in the Crossings.  Hilltop community will have its first Sunday Food Emporium event on April 30th from 1:00-3:00 at Lake Park.  There will be food trucks, music and other activities.  All Richmond residents are invited to attend.  Several representatives from MBNC will attend to see if this is the type of event we would like to schedule in Marina Bay.

Emergency communications training/testing event, April 2, sponsored by the Marina Bay CERT Team:  Kathy Watson told the group about the first communications event.  About 15 residents from the community attended and learned about the strengths and limitations of the FRS/GMRS radio system in Marina Bay.  The next Marina Bay Communications training event will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017 1:00 – 3:00.  (See the detailed report at the end of the minutes.)

Rising Sun Energy Center: Lindsay Roark was unable to attend the meeting tonight but will be rescheduled for a future date.

Presentation – Long term planning for the Marina Bay neighborhood – Richard Mitchell – Director of Planning and Building Services:  The basic premise of the City General Plan is to use land intelligently and efficiently.  In Marina Bay, plans include making the area a walkable community and enhancing connectivity to other parts of the City, transportation hubs and public transportation.  Parking lots are not seen as efficient use of land.  The most viable proposal for parcel FM is from Orton.  In response to a question from the community, he said it does not include a grocery.  More roof tops are needed to make a grocery viable and its location at the end of a road does not add to the appeal for a grocery.   One might make more sense in the area near CVS.  The planned/approved Starbucks construction has been held up by the weather, the project will start as soon as weather permits.  Zeneca has finally agreed to clean up the 80 acres of the properly they occupied for a number of years.  An industrial warehouse is in the planning stages for 912 Harbour Way S.  The plan is to use the building as a distribution center.  Distribution centers, including the Amazon center on the Richmond Parkway do not generate as much tax revenue for the City as retail establishments do.

Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Heilman