Meeting Minutes, March 8th, 2017

7:05pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson described the role and function of the MBNC.

Police Beat Report:   No report.

Announcements:   President Anderson made the following announcements:

  1.   Next meeting April 12th.  Richard Mitchell, the City’s Planning Director, will come and speak about developments in Marina Bay.
  2.  We will be getting a presentation in the Spring about free energy audits and lightbulb replacements from a non-profit that serves Richmond residents.
  3.  Potholes are a big problem, including the level crossing at Regatta.   Mr. Anderson says the city services manager will work with the railways to address this problem.   He says the city plans to spend the next two weeks focussing on pot hole repair and will defer all paving projects for that time.
  4. Speed bumps have been requested by a resident in Marina Bay for Marina Bay Parkway.  The Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Committee (RNCC) reviewed this request and suggested instead that the city install a speed monitoring device on the roadway, marking the crosswalks more clearly, removing visible obstructions, and brightening the street lights.
  5. President Anderson plans to request a presentation on the history of Richmond for a future meeting.
  6. The Landscape and Lighting District Advisory Committee needs a representative from the Marina Bay Neighborhood Council and one more HOA rep.

Presentation – Jill Rodby and Michael Holmes, SIMS Metal Management: Ms. Rodby and Mr. Holmes gave a fascinating presentation on the work done at their business located in our community.

Presentation — Jeff Clinton, John Henry High School, AMethod Public Schools:  Mr. Clinton discussed the new high school opening on Marina Way South later this year.


Presentation — Kieron Slaughter, Richmond Wellness Trail: Mr. Slaughter shared the development and longer-term vision of the trail being created and planned from downtown to the waterfront.



Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary