Meeting Minutes, May 10th, 2017

7:07pm — Meeting Called to Order by Secretary Stephen Beard

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  Secretary Beard announced that both President Anderson and Vice-President Cady were unable to attend the meeting so he would facilitate the discussion.    A short discussion of neighborhood concerns took place.

Police Beat Report:   Officer K. Palma, freshly back from Paternity Leave, reported on crime in our community and answered questions from the community.   Neighbors expressed concerns that the speed monitor on Marina Bay Parkway was in place for a very short period of time.  Officer Palma said he would ask for it to be brought back.    He said there were no major police reports in our area since his last report, just a few minor reports of vandalism and petty theft.    There was a discussion about a recent spate of shop-lifting at the CVS store.    Officer Palma encouraged residents to contact him or the department via email for non-emergency concerns and issues.  His email address is and the department email is

Presentation – Armistice Brewery.  Alex Zobol, Co-Owner:   Ms. Zobol shared an update on the progress being made at one of the neighborhood’s newest neighbors.   She says the brewery and tap room should open within a few months.  She says they will have a “Community Room” upstairs that they hope to share with local groups and help to support non-profits in our area.     Ms. Zobol shared some of the marketing plans for the brewery, and advised neighbors how they could stay informed about the brewery’s progress.

Presentation — Rising Sun Energy, Lindsey Roark:  Ms. Roark spoke about her non-profit that is working with the City of Richmond to offer free energy audits of residents’ homes.   They also will receive LED lightbulbs to replace their old CFL and incandescent bulbs, low-flow shower heads, kitchen sink aerators, and a smart power strip for entertainment centers.   She says the program is funded by PG&E and the City of Richmond.   She also told the group that the program works by hiring local young people for summer jobs, and that they need to source them right here in Richmond.  She asked for help with that effort.

Presentation – Hop to It, Todd Florey:   Mr. Florey runs a small business out of the Harbor Master Bldg serving boat owners in the Marina.   His business is cleaning the bottom of the boats.   He spoke for a few minutes about the work he does.    He has about 175 clients in this area.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:16PM

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary