Meeting Minutes, July 12th, 2017

7:02 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson made several announcements:

a) The Home Front Festival and Rosie Rally will take place on August 12th (flyers and postcards were distributed)

b) The August 9th meeting of the MBNC would include a presentation from city staff regarding potential traffic calming measures for Marina Bay Parkway

c) The September meeting of the MBNC would have a representative from The Craneway Pavilion, who was unable to make it to this meeting as had been scheduled

d) Stan says he is trying to arrange for a representative from Anh’s Vietnamese Restaurant to offer an updated presentation

e) Stan reminded everyone that the Landscape & Lighting District needs representation from the MBNC and from the local HOA and that we were close to having a volunteer soon from the MBNC.

Police Beat Report:   Officer K. Palma reported on crime in our community and addressed community concerns.

Presentation – Crime Prevention, Michelle Milam, Crime Prevention Manager, City of Richmond Police Department:  Michelle Milam of the Richmond Police gave a presentation on ways neighbors can protect themselves in regards to property thefts.  She encouraged residents to report non-urgent crimes such as property theft via email to   She says all the officers see those emails, not just the current officer on patrol.   She says people should still use “911” for crimes in progress.   She offered numerous ideas for avoiding parcel theft from our entranceways, which she described as one of the fastest growing crimes.   Some ideas were discussed included:

a) Getting parcels delivered to your work or to a neighbor who is at home to receive them

b) Insisting where possible that senders require a signature for packages

c) Use the “Amazon Locker” service

d) Have parcels delivered at the UPS or Fedex stores instead of to your home

e) Sign up for Custom Delivery tracking information on the UPS/Fedex websites

f) Track all your packages using free onine services from USPS/UPS/Fedex and other service providers

g) Consider a camera system for your front door area

h) Consider a “package guard” device (this device on your porch will trigger an alarm if the package is delivered by an unknown person

i) Let your neighbors know if you are going to be away from your home

Ms. Milam then described some ideas for reducing bicycle theft:

a) Using a “u-lock” instead of standard chain locks.  She says they are harder to remove.

b) Having the bike engraved with ID so recovered stolen bikes can be returned to you.   She says this is especially helpful for “average bikes” that are not high-profile brands.

Ms. Milam says crime reports from the public are usually filed within 2-3 days with a case number, which victims can use to identify the matter when communicating with the police.  She says the public should allow 3 days for feedback on property crimes because the property crimes unit is overwhelmed.  But she said we could email her if we didn’t get the police report within a week.  She advised that reports can be filed online, including on the city police department’s mobile app.

She gave us her email address:

The website for the Crime Prevention Unit is:


Meetiing Adjourned at 8:17pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)