Meeting Minutes, Oct 11th, 2017

DISCUSSION: Traffic issues on Marina Way S. associated with A Method Schools

A Method schools has elementary, junior high and high school

Suggestion: have a person designated as liaison between neighborhood council and school from the school

  • Traffic
    • Traffic was at dead stop at one point with two people directing traffic
    • Traffic is heavier since new school
    • When not too much traffic; cars are speeding more than before.
  • Park and students
    • Not letting the maintenance people get their work done.
    • Destroying landscaping
    • Lawn brown spots from overuse at Edwards Park
    • Swarms of students on Big Green throughout the day.
    • Agapanthus all but gone
    • No permits have been issued as of a week ago
  • Walking, bike path students taking up too much room
  • Safety
    • No supervision by adults
    • Teach students to give way to people on Bay Trail if walking or on bicycles.

Police Officer Report — Officer Kris Palma

Petty thefts

Use of bathroom near Melville Square

Homeless still near train tracks BNSF is in charge – people go over the Kaiser fence


Ferry terminal – groundbreaking on November 1 – service to begin 2018

Richmond Rivera property has been sold – new owner

Toys for Tots for fire department

BayWalk beginning with something happening by next year. Mostly condos and some live work. About 250 units.

Area FM near Salutes is in play but no price and or plans. Orton has interest in it. Minimal retail and parking. Mostly residential. A street will go through to Marina Way S.

May be biofuel refinery opening close by

Canabus refining may be coming in


Speeding on Marina Bay Parkway city has done a few things to help the problem.

Veolia will be installing a couple of extracting trash – collectors. One is near PG&E office.


Minutes prepared by Lynne Therriault (MBNC Treasurer)