Meeting Minutes, March 14, 2018

7:02 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson made several announcements:

a) The broken fence at the underpass has finally been repaired.

b) There is a bike/walk ordinance before city council, with comments due by 3/30.  A copy of the ordinance was distributed.

c) Donations from MBNC to Membe’s Fund and Rosie’s Girls have been approved.  Additionally, the MBNC purchase 5 bikes and helmets for the Richmond Police and Fire “Get a Kid a Bike” program.

d) Continued community concerns regarding speeding on Marina Bay Parkway.   Stan is pushing for the speed limit sign at the Meeker side of the underpass going into the Marina to be changed from 30 mph to 25 mph, to match the posted  speed limit signs elsewhere

e) The vacant property between the Rosie the Riveter museum and Marina Bay South has been sold and the buyers are considering residential development.  A presentation to the community is anticipated for our May 9th meeting.

f) The location used by the AMethod school has been purchase by the school.

g) The building that holds the commercial space currently used by Comcast is for sale.

h) The city is open to the idea raised in a previous meeting of working with the owners of the Richmond Food Center (at the corner of Cutting and Marina Bay Parkway) to improve its visual appearance and, hopefully, its usage by the community.

i)  The MBNC meeting next month on April 11th will include a presentation on the history of Pt. Molate.  For our may 9th meeting we are hoping for a report from the Richmond emergency services department in addition to the presentation about the development of the lot near the museum (see item e above).

j) A community member alerted us all to a free energy upgraded being offered here in Richmond, which could include appliances as well as light bulbs and power bars.  The contact for this program is “Joy” at 510-417-9821.

Police Beat Report:   Officer Mendel attended along with Lt. J. Schlemmer.   Officer Mendel indicated he did not have any information on any incidents more recent that two weeks ago, but he said things have been “pretty good” here in the Marina.  He says the only reports he is aware of are for an attempted theft from the CVS and a theft from a storage unit at the Extra Space Storage facility.

Officer Mendel and Lt. J. Schlemmer then conducted a detailed discussion of the sideshow incident that occurred in February at the intersection of Marina Bay Parkway and Regatta.

The officers also introduced a new email address they want the public to use to report incidents like sideshows and reckless driving in NON-EMERGENCY circumstances.   The email address is:

Fire at Sims Metal Management:  Jill Rodby, Public Relations and Michael Holmes, the Division Manager, spoke to the community about the fire that occurred in February at their premises.   The community raised concerns regarding how the company is changing its methods and practices in the wake of the incident.  There were also concerns raised about the unattractive appearance of the company’s lot…especially as viewed from the non-Cutting Blvd side.    Concerns were also raised about the company’s concerns regarding the opening of a restaurant across the street, but President Anderson reminded everyone that since the restaurant was located in a different neighborhood, the community was best to address the matter at the city council hearing on the matter scheduled for April 24th.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)