Meeting Minutes, September 12, 2018

7:00 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Stan Anderson made several announcements:

  1.  A Tesla charging station is being installed at the plaza
  2. The MBNC is hosting an Candidate’s Night for City of Richmond Mayoralty and Council candidates at our next meeting on October 10th.
  3. Marina Bay residents are encouraged to participate in the MBNC.  Each HOA may select a representative of their Association to serve as a liason to the Council.

A resident from Marina Bay Northshore announced they had established a new Safety and Security Group there and encouraged folks to contact her regarding participation and support for similar organizations at other associations.

A resident from Breakers talked about that Association’s Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Presentation — 9-1-1 Emergency Services, Michael Shlemmer, City of Richmond:  Ms. Shlemmer advised attendees on how the 9-1-1 services work in Richmond and how residents can use them most effectively.

Presentation — Armistice Brewery, Alex Zobel, Owner:  Alex stopped by and gave us all an update as the brewery celebrates its first year in Marina Bay in August.

Announcement, Harbor Master Steve Orosz: The Harbor Master was present.  He discussed the work being done on the new kayak launch as well as progress on the new waste collection area being developed in the parking lot across from Melville Square.

Beat Officer’s Report — None.

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)