Meeting Minutes, January 9th, 2019

7:00pm – The meeting was called to order by Lynne Therriault, MBNC Treasurer

Introductions and Announcements:  Members of the community introduced themselves.  Lynne announced that Ferry Service starts tomorrow morning with the Launch Ceremony at 1:30pm.  She also announced that new officers are needed for the MBNC.  Anyone who is interested should stay after the meeting adjourns.

Beat Officer Report:  Training Officer Steve Purcell from the Northern District stood in for the MBNC regular Beat Officer Joe DeOrian who is out ill.  Officer Purcell was in the Southern District today training a new officer and so was available to present the Beat Officer Report this evening.  The crime stats for our area included identity theft, battery, two auto thefts and a dingy theft from the marina.  The major incident occurred December 30th.  One of three males in an Airbnb rental at 213 Marina Lakes Drive became severely under the influence, grabbed a knife and stabbed one of the other two.  The two victims escaped to another home where the police were called.  The man with the knife used a fire extinguisher to knock in the door and continued his aggressive behavior.  Police apprehended and arrested him for attempted murder and home invasion.  The three men were from the Tahoe area, not Richmond. 

The police experienced some delay in entering the complex because of the locked vehicle gate.  Officer Purcell shared the Captain’s request the quick access using an emergency code – suggesting that all gated communities used code 0717.  The Harbormaster stated that his security system did not allow for a leading zero in an access code.  This issue needs to be pursued.

Presentation – Masayuki (Yuki) Nagase:  Michele Seville, Richmond Arts and Culture Manager, introduced Regina Almaguer, Project Manager, several members of the Public Art Commission and Yuki, the sculptor selected from among three artists to develop the public art project for the lawn area adjacent to the Moody Underpass.  This area was a Shell Mound of the Ohlone Tribe.  Yuki was selected as the artist for this public art project because of the way he has worked with the people involved with the project areas and installations in other public spaces across the country.  Yuki presented a slide show of a number of his other projects (  From his discussions with representatives of the Ohlone Tribe and exploration of the project site, at this point his design to honor the Ohlone culture he proposes replacing some of the trees in the site and installing a winding path through the lawn area with three sculptures – one each representing water, earth and air. Michele stated that the project time line includes completion within a year.  She also stated that this project has been fast tracked so they would not lose $375k of the State project funds.

Presentation – John Gioia, County Supervisor, District 1:  John was President of the MBNC 25 years ago and served on the EBMUD board for 10 years.  He was first elected the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors in 1998 and has been re-elected five times representing 210.000 residents in the western most urban and diverse area of the county. He served on the California Air Resources Board and has served on the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board.  He was instrumental in having Richmond selected as one of ten cities in the State to receive grants for enhanced air monitoring with the objective of improving quality of the air we breathe and reducing emissions. He noted that an all-electric ferry is being built in Alameda and he is working to have it become part of the fleet serving Richmond after it passes all its testing.   He serves on the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and as Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority he helped lead an effort to pass an historic measure to raise $500M for S.F. Bay.  He is also co-chair of RISE Together, a regional effort to reduce poverty in the Bay Area. 

With the Affordable Care Act, The County went from 100k to 200k covered by health insurance and the County provides health care for undocumented youth.  

With the closure of Doctors Hospital, West County lost a number of emergency room beds.  Two Urgent Care centers are Lifelong Medical Urgent Care Center and New MD Urgent Care.  The County has a paramedic on all fire trucks. Richmond fire trucks have an EMT and they are looking at upgrading to a paramedic. 

John distributed two very helpful resources – a West County Quick Reference Guide   ( and an AMR Emergency Care Guide.

John acknowledged the sudden death of Stan Anderson on December 22, 2018.  John knew Stan well having worked with him for a number of years and, of course, Stan was President of the MBNC.  In that role, we know him as someone who cared for the community and its residents and took our concerns to the attention of City Officials and other relevant partners.    Stan was also President of the Bayfront HOA, immediate past President of the RNCC and its current Treasurer. 

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Acting Secretary, Karen Williams