Meeting Minutes – February 13, 2019

Meeting Minutes, February 13th, 2019

7:00pm – The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Introductions and Announcements:  Members of the community introduced themselves. Stan Anderson was honored and acknowledged at the February Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council meeting.  The Richmond ferry is a success at this early stage.  The main post office in downtown Richmond is to remain open and is being renamed the end of February.  Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC) offers up to 4 annual mailings for each neighborhood council providing materials and postage.  The neighborhood council provides the labor to label and affix stamps.

Beat Officer Report:  Joe DeOrian, our Marina Bay beat officer, reported the crime stats for our area from December to the present included arrests, thefts, batteries, citations, incidents, impounds, burglaries, vandalisms and auto thefts. Officer DeOrian is available to answer any questions/concerns at

Presentation:  Trash Reduction in Meeker Slough, City Water Resource Department, Joanne Lee, Environmental Service Manager and Ryan Smith, City Director of Water Resource Recovery Dept:  Ryan and Joanne shared with us information about the two full-capture devices to be installed at Meeker Ditch and Regatta.  This is a $5.5 million project funded, installed, and maintained by CalTrans.  This project was initiated in 2016 with CalTrans and the City of Richmond.  In 2017 two trash devices were installed at S. 8th& Petrero & McDonald and along Marina Bay Parkway.  CalTrans is in the process of installing a trash device at Meeker Ditch at Regatta Ave.  The water flow activates the device in the storm drain to capture sediment and debris as small as 40 microns.  CalTrans will annually (more often as needed), to have debris removed and placed in a landfill.  The street lanes will be shifted during the installation so traffic won’t be closed during construction.  This project is 100% funded and managed by CalTrans.  Richmond is the first bay area city to implement this program with CalTrans. Many other cities are waiting to do the same. 

2019 MBNC Officers Elections: Stephen Beard and Lynne Therriault introduced the MBNC candidates.  Each candidate briefly presented their background for the positions. Nominations were open from the floor. 

Secretary: No nominations from the floor.   Karen Williams unanimously elected.

Co-Treasurers:  No nominations from the floor.  Lynne Therriault and Adia Ryanunanimously elected.

Co-Vice Presidents:  No nominations from the floor.  Rita Mitas and Anita Mermel unanimously elected.

President:  No nominations from the floor.  Stephen Beard unanimously elected.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary