Meeting Minutes, March 13th, 2019

7:01 pm – The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President.

Introductions and Announcements:  Introductions were made.  25 in attendance with 7 MBNC officers and 5 guests.

Beat Officer’s Report:  Capt. Tim Simmons (newly appointed), Richmond Police Department, introduced himself.   He explained the way Richmond’s districts are laid out geographically.  Marina Bay is in the Southern District.He encouraged residents to take the Community Safety Ambassador Program.  It is a course that residents may take to know just how the police department works and all its parts inside and out.  It is a free course and takes two months to complete meeting one night a week and every other Saturday.  Maximum of 18 students for each class.  Joe Deorian, our beat officer, reported in the last month there were reports of vandalisms, traffic violations, call for service, an identity theft and a petty theft.  There are cars spinning in the Shipyard area and they are being addressed and asked to stop.  After a warning they will have their cars confiscated.


President Beard explained that we are one of a group of neighborhood councils in Richmond that are represented at the monthly Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council.  A fitness studio has applied to be in the space vacated by Pascal’s in the CVS shopping center. Armistice (across from CVS) is planning on expanding into an adjacent space.  Cesar Chavez Day will be held on Saturday, March 30th,at Portumex (a restaurant) at 721 23rdSt.  Access to planning projects for the City of Richmond under review can be accessed at  The WCCUSD (West Contra Costa Unified School District) re-aligned the district boundaries for elected representatives.  This is the result of a legal settlement.  The city is holding a meeting to help design the new Boorman Park next month.

The city is reviewing a development proposal for the vacant land adjacent to the Rosie the Riveter Museum.  The proposal calls for nearly 400 units of housing.

Presentation:  Stephen McAdaragh and Christine Brinson from the NOMA development, 193 units.  Excited to be in Richmond and happy to be part of the Marina Bay community.  Selling homes since November of 2018.  Move-in dates start this week and entire complex will be completed next year.   March 23rd is their Grand Opening and all are welcome from 12-3 pm. Walking tours will be available.  Questions were answered from the floor.

Presentation:  Stephen Orosz, Harbormaster at Marina Bay, discussed the upcoming Boat Show Preview presented by Pacific Sail & Power Boat coming to our harbor April 4-7, 2019. Fourth year for this event; used to be in Jack London Square.  Brand new boats will be docked and exhibition booths at Craneway Pavillion.  There will be seminars and demonstrations, on land and water.  Tickets can be purchased in advance.

Open Forum:  Nancy from Marina Bay Lighting and Landscape Maintenance District (MB LLMD) announced that they are taking down the Shipyard Monument in the Barbara & Jay Vincent Park (at end of Marina Bay Parkway) due to wear and tear.  Another structure will be placed there.  Other members of the District discussed what the committee does for Marina Bay and its residents.  It was recommended that MBNC agenda include a short report from LLMD to the community each month.

It was announced that if you want to know the current air quality for Marina Bay go to is a site that residents can use to delete the Tuesday shopping mail packet we receive each week.    

A representative from a group called NO COAL IN RICHMOND spoke about their effects to ban coal on Richmond trains.  They hope to get city council to pass an ordinance.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.