Meeting Minutes, May 8th, 2019

7:00 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

Introductions: Attendees introduced themselves.  40 in attendance including 5 MBNC officers, 1 Richmond police officer, 1 LLC member, and 2 invited speakers.

Beat Officer’s Report: 

Joe Deorian, our Marina Bay beat officer, gave theApril report which included 1 residential burglary, 4 drug related calls, tampering with vehicles, 8 DUI in the Ferry area, 3 misc. calls, 12 tickets for traffic violation, 1 weapon brandishing, 3 basic thefts, and 1 collision.  After taking questions from the floor it was determined that these reported incident numbers may have included crime activity just North of Marina Bay.  The community requested that future reports be limited to crime in the Marina Bay neighborhood area only.  


1.) Taste of Richmond: Local Restaurants, Breweries and Wineries, May 8, 2019, 2-6 pm, at Riggers Loft Wine Company; tickets are $20 and cover entrance, live local music, tastes, and samples; 2.) Bike to Work Day in Richmond, May 9th; 3.)  West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee, May 14th, 7 pm, to learn about and provide feedback on what the future could hold for San Pablo Avenue between Oakland and Hilltop; 4.) Marina Bay, Richmond, Disaster Survival and Recovery, May 19, 3-4:30 pm, The Shores Conference Room; 5.)   May 22, City Hall Neighborhood Block Captain Watch meeting 7 pm; 6.)  Fill out survey at to prioritize $60million in federal funding for Contra Costa County over the next five years;  7.)  WETA is conducting a survey to learn more about how the Richmond Ferry can improve the service at;  8.)  Richmond residents that subscribe to compost services may pick-up a free kitchen bin at West Contra Costa County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility; 9.)  Richmond Ferry (WETA) coming presenting at MBNC June meeting.

Presentation: CrossFit Cypher Gym

Mauricio Leal is founder and co-owner.  CrossFit Cypher is a membership-based fitness facility that believes everyone has the ability to take ownership of their health.   They provide individualized guidance, caring coaching and specific accountability  

CrossFit is structured training with functional movements paired with nutrition and lifestyle to support long-term health.   Mauricio took questions from the floor including pricing, class size, hours, etc.

Presentation:  Property Development in Marina Bay

Lina Velasco, Director of Planning and Building for the City of Richmond, updated us about current projects and new projects under consideration for our community.  

Two phases of Artisan Cove have been completed, one more phase to come; NOMA will be making enhancements to the front of their complex; two new projects on Harbour Way S include Lumber Baron and a warehouse facility at 912 Harbour Way S.

Two new proposals include a 4-5 story 399 residential unit development planned for the vacant lot at the foot of Marina Way S.  The FM parcel, located between the Anchor Cove Development and the parking lot for the Marina to the immediate East of the Harbour Master building, is being considered for residential and retail commerce; possible 3-4 stories over parking; up to 400 units. 

Under review is a Home2Suites Hotel in lot next to CVS shopping center; in early phase of site planning with approximately 104 rooms. 

Other information that Lina shared included hopes for an urban, pedestrian friendly grocery store in the Marina Bay; anew restaurant, Cheers by the Bay, being developed on the former Salute site, planned to open in May, but is hitting more dry rot repair than expected; Richmond field station – new chancellor – and no longer the Global Campus plan and considering new options.  Records Library will have an expansion project in the near future.  Richmond Ferry has more service than SSF and they are looking at more times and days for expanding service.  Major strategy for developing and expanding Marina Bay takes into consideration major corridors for mixed use and support of local retail services.  TESLA charging stations are presently under construction in the CVS parking lot.  No plans currently for Area T which is west of The Shores at Marina Bay.

Traffic management is a concern for Marina Bay, not only because of community growth and the Ferry, but also “The Ferry to Bridge to Greenway Complete Streets Plan”, which is a Cal Trans project to construct safe routes for bicycle and pedestrians by connecting the Richmond Ferry, the Richmond Greenway and the planned Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Regatta and Harbour Way is being studied for a traffic sign/signal.  Members wanted to know how we, as a community, can encourage better traffic control and planning.

Questions of concern about emergency services as we grow larger and deal with railroad tracks, traffic, more population, etc. were expressed.  

Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (MBLLMD):  Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison

MBLLMD is addressing weeds in medians and landscaped beds; no chemicals are allowed to be used by the workers so weeds have to be removed by hand.  6 trees to be removed on Marina Green and replaced by box trees; Ship Monument to be removed because of deterioration – story board plaques will be saved; Melville restrooms are still being repaired due to vandalism in miss-use of toilets.

Open Forum

Topics included Meet and Greet activities for Marina Bay at Harbourmaster’s building would encourage neighborhood camaraderie; Disaster Survival and Recovery Workshop reminder; Marina Bay Neighbors has been established as a group to help when disasters strike Marina Bay neighborhood by Karen Fenton.

Next meeting is June 12that 7 pm, WETA will do a presentation.

Adjourned: 8:27 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary