Meeting Minutes, August 14, 2019

7:02 pm: The meeting was called to order by Co-Vice President Margarita Mitas

Introductions:Attendees and officers introduced themselves. Approximately 20 in attendance including a beat officer, 4 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 1 guest. 

Beat Officer’s Report:   Officer Mike Rood gave the Beat Officer’s Report area stats for Marina Bay for July:  12-15 reports included arrest, burglary, property theft, fraud, petty theft and vandalism.  If you hear “spinning donuts” call 911, instead of emailing.  Residents can obtain crime reports by going to Crime View on Richmond Police Dept. which updates crime reports in the Richmond area.  Residents can sign up for reports.

Issues discussed included recommendations for speed bumps on Harbor Way South, Vincent Park and Shimada Friendship Park (to prevent donuts); Officer Rood recommends reporting a past crime online which will generate a free crime report immediately with a case number, etc. (there is a charge if you go to the police station and an officer has to type of the report); and Officer Rood informed us about “Informed Delivery” which is a system that can be signed up in USPS (United States Postal Service) where you can receive pictures of the mail you are to receive each day.

Announcements:  The RNCC does not meet in August so there were no announcements from them.  Regatta Ave is open; there is an acting Richmond City Manager until December and Marina Bay Emergency Preparedness Committee is offering a first aid refresher course on Sept 15th, 3-4:30 pm in the Shores Clubhouse.  Sign up as soon as course is announced on Next Door because attendance will be limited to 32. 

Presentation: Richmond Food Center:  Suzanne Nielsen introduced a member of the family that owns Richmond Food Center at Cutting Ave. and 23rdAve, Mohamed Nasser.  This has been a family owned grocery store for 30 years.  He is encouraging residents to tell them what they want to have in the store so they can better meet the needs of the community.  Their prices are competitive with local supermarkets.  They are considering several ideas about what to do with the new parcel purchased adjacent to the Food Center…possibly a farmer’s market, but he also mentioned Food Trucks. Also, considering a phone app where he would deliver groceries free of charge.  He is still collecting ideas at this point.  

The Food Center is open daily from 8 am – 11 pm.

Safety is an issue that they are aware of and only one robbery by high school students in the past 30 years.  To create a sense of greater security, it was recommended that they open up windows in the building so that the owners can see what is going on the parking lot and so customers can see the owners!  They are going to eliminate inexpensive alcohol and pan handling is not allowed.

Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (MBLLMD): No report

Open Forum-Topics included:

Traffic Engineer has been contacted for a presentation; local residents are encouraged to take the weekend ferry to support our area on this trial run ending November 3rd; and NO COAL IN RICHMOND ordinance volunteers encourage MB residents to take an interest in this initiative.

Thank you to Starbuck’s for providing the coffee.

Next meeting is September 11, 2019.

Adjourned:   8:14 pm

Respectfully submitted, Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary