Meeting Meeting Minutes, September 11th, 2019

7:05 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

Introductions and Attendance:

Approximately 30 in attendance including our beat officer, 4 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 2 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report: 

Officer Joe Deorian reported in the last 30 days approximately 27 incidents, including 3 mental illness issues, park trespassers, reckless driving, domestic issues, etc. 


  1. Marina Bay Neighbors Basic First Aid Refresher Class on Sept. 15
  2. National Drive Electric Week Event on Sept 19, noon to 3 pm at Civic Center Plaza
  3. Electric charging stations at CVS parking lot include 10 Tesla, 2 other level 2
  4. Vacant lot next to CVS is being used by PG&E as a temporary maintenance yard
  5. Free toxic waste disposal from 8-1 at the Galileo Club on 23rd Ave., Sept. 14
  6. One member met in August with city planner to develop a handicap crossing at the AC Transit bus stop at Regatta and Northshore Dr. beside Anchor Cove and behind The Cove

Presentation: “Shaken, not Stirred by” (How to prepare for a disaster) by Allyson Watts 


In our emergency to-go bags:

  1. Have canned and packaged foods that keeps well and can be opened easily, tap top food cans, raisins, etc.
  2. Extra water
  3. Items like joke books, playing cards, etc. for entertainment with family 
  4. Sturdy shoes or boots to prevent damage to feet from debris
  5. Install dual carbon dioxide and monoxide detectors in bedroom, kitchen, laundry rooms and bathroom
  6. Check your smoke alarms to see that they are working properly

Presentation: Marina Bay Traffic Concerns by City Senior Civil Engineer Dane Rodgers


  1. Dane has 22 years of experience, the last 16 with the city of Richmond
  2. To report an issue (e.g. traffic light not working, rubbish, bike lanes, traffic safety issues, lighting issues, etc.)  go to the City of Richmond website click on icon “COR Connect” AND take a picture.  There is also a mobile app available on both Google and Apple devices.  The app is called “City of Richmond.  All the same things you can report on the website can be reported here.
  3. Members suggested creating a public portal to monitor response time to issues submitted and their priority
  4. City Manager report comes out every week.  For email sign-ups go to the City of Richmond website and sign up for “email sign-ups”.  Select “E-News Signup” from the list on the left side of the screen.
  5. The process to request work to be done by the city:  1.  submit work proposal accompanied by a petition, 2. City will take into consideration and respond to the issue submitted. 
  6. Here are links to the forms for Traffic Submission, Encroachment Permit Application and the City Traffic Program website:
  7.  Some traffic calming tactics that may be appropriate, pending resident input and further study, include speed humps, chicanes, roadway narrowing, and traffic circles.  Traffic diversion tactics potentially include diagonal diverters, half-street closures, and other means to decrease the attraction of using a residential street to bypass arterial or freeway traffic.  Further information and guidance can be found in the Contra Costa County Public Works Department’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, available here:
  8. Power Poles in sidewalk (Send info for sidewalks, curbs to Tawfic Halaby, 510.621.1612.)
  9. Members inquired about how to deter cars making “donuts”
  10. Members asked about the Bot Dots on Marina Bay Parkway – are they working to control speeding?  The city is looking for alternatives to control speed past Regatta to the end of Marina Bay Parkway.

Open Forum-Topics included:

  1.  Picnic table seating in Marina Bay Park
  2. “No Coal in Richmond” is in need of support
  3. Vacant lot across from Shimada Park – talked about the toxicity of the soil at that site.
    • President Beard advised that there is a website operated by the State of California that tracks the progress of remediation on ALL contaminated sites in the State, including those in Marina Bay.  The link to the site is
  4. Area for a dog park was discussed

Thank you to Starbuck’s for providing the coffee.

Next meeting is October 9, 2019.

Adjourned:   8:31 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary