Marina Bay Neighborhood Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes, November 13th, 2019 

7:02 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard , MBNC President 

 Introductions: Officers in attendance – Stephen Beard, Anita Mermel, Margarita Mitas, Lynne Therriault, Adia Leung and Karen Williams

Approximately 20 in attendance including our beat officer, 6 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 2 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report:  Joe Deorian


As of Oct 1, 4 incidents:  grand theft, residential burglary on Lakeshore Court, possession of marijuana in Marina Bay Park, and identity theft on Northshore Drive

Officer Deorian stated that online police reports submitted by individuals should be captured in Officer Deorian’s report to show a true picture of Marina Bay area.  He will further investigate


  1. Holiday potluck party Dec. 11.  Come and enjoy food, fun and frivolity.
  2. There are 36 neighborhood councils in Richmond of which MBNC is one.  A district wide election workshop will be held at the next RNCC (Richmond Neighborhood Community Council) Monday, November 18th at City Hall 6:30-8:30.  More info on the Richmond website.
  3. Richmond Bay Specific Plan is available from the Richmond website.
  4. Marina Bay Neighbors will be holding a workshop Sunday December 17 at 3-4:30 pm at the Shores Clubhouse on “House Pet Protection Preparedness.”  

Nominations open for 2020 Election of Officers

It is time for candidates for the Executive Committee election.  Nominations will be accepted up to 7:00 pm on December 13th.  Please consider making yourself available.  The election will be held at the January 2020 meeting.  Only members may vote.  

Presentation:  Cutz Training Facility

The owner Arman Alberto, has established this facility which was originally in El Cerrito.


  1. Recently opened in Marina Bay
  2. Emphasis on each individual’s needs (muscle building, nutrition and good living habits)
  3. Programs can run for one or several months
  4. Individualized programs for anyone and all
  5. Offering 1 free week trial (4-5 visits)
  6.  510-260-5143
  7. 10 years of experience
  8. Private trainers will adjust hours to meet client needs

Presentation: “Changing Tides” Art Installation

Artists Jeffrey Reed and Jennifer Madden designed and installed the 20-foot tall art sculpture at the Richmond Ferry Building.


  1. Worked on the project for 2 years; it opened October 5th, 2019, with over 500 in attendance
  2. Being interactive was of vital importance
  3. Lights will be solar powered
  4. 4 minute video on history, process, and how the sculpture was made.  See this great video!!
  5. Access to the video and other information is available at
  6. Long term goal is to make this an interactive venue for the community schools, organizations, etc. 
  7. Richmond has 75% of eelgrass meadows over 32 miles of coastline in the San Francisco Bay area.  Eelgrass is the basis for living life in our bay
  8. Sculpture will also reflect the tide: active, living, reflection of nature
  9. There is no charge for any venue using the area
  10. Sound and motion detectors are planned for the future
  11. Jennifer and Jeffrey showed a real enthusiasm and dedication to this project
  12. Their factory is in the Marina Bay area

Open Forum:

  1. Ferry weekend service has stopped for this year and will be reinstated next year
  2. MBNC will draft a letter of support to WETA for weekend service to continue throughout the year
  3. Suggestion of mid-day ferry service during the week with support from MBNC
  4. MBNC is looking for suggestions for future presentations at the MBNC meetings from the members
  5. Lara’s Fine Dining may open after Thanksgiving
  6. UPS store is coming to the CVS Shopping Center (between Regal Salon and La Lupita)
  7. Suggestion of a presentation from the Armistice and it’s extension 
  8. Leslie’s Ceramics is going out of business

Adjourned: at 8:28 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Williams, Secretary, MBNC