Marina Bay Neighborhood Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes, January 8th, 2020

7:02 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard , MBNC President 

Introductions: Officers in attendance – Stephen Beard, Anita Mermel, Margarita Mitas, and Karen Williams

Approximately 23 in attendance including 4 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 3 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report:  Not present


  1. Sunday, Jan. 19th, 3 pm, at the Shores Clubhouse, “Are You Ready?  Learning from 40 Years of Richmond Catastrophes”.   Marina Bay Neighbors CERT Team Leader Karen Fenton will share preparedness steps for your household.
  2. Richmond Art Center: Art of the African Diaspora Exhibit January 14 – March 13, 2020.
  3. Lara’s Fine Dining Restaurant is scheduled to open, Tuesday, January 14th, pending City inspection.
  4. Richmond District elections information is on the Richmond website.  Look under district elections for potential mapping of districts
  5. Mountain Mike’s is going to open in the old Botto’s Restaurant in the CVS Shopping Center.


  1. Marsha Mather from Rosie the Riveter Trust accepted the MBNC donation of $1,000.  The money will be used for Rosie’s Girls 7th to 9th grade to attend summer camp.  They learn skills in self confidence, leadership skills, and skills in carpentry and other fields, field trips, a four day outdoor skill session, etc.   The girls also attend a Career Day at Kennedy High.  Girls are mentored by past campers.  She expressed deep appreciation for the donation.
  2. MBNC contributed to the Bikes for Kids campaign for $590. which is run by the Richmond Rotary Club Club with the Fire and Police Departments.
  3. Marie Banis from Commerical Sports Service. accepted a check for $1000.  This is a work center for people with special needs that provides training in skills that will enable them to seek jobs.  

Election of Officers:

Stephen explained a short history of officers for the MBNC.  It was decided to postpone elections until February 2020 due to lack of applicants.  For this Council to continue to provide support for our community volunteers are needed for the Executive Board to serve in 2020.

Presentation:  Darlene Drabkin, U. S Census Bureau

Wonderful presentation of the U.S. Census (taken every ten years) happening this year beginning April 1, 2020 and ending in June.  She gave historical data; why the Census matters; basis for re-apportionment of Congressional Seats and state redistricting of legislative boundaries; answers are protected by Law – Title 13 of the U. S. Code; services that are based on the Census; Census can be competed on the internet, phone, paper form, or in-person; 12 languages in addition to English will be provided; who are the hard to count; questions asked on the Census; and 2020 Census jobs $25 -$30 an hour ( or 1-855-JOB-2020 or 2020CENSUS.GOV

Open Forum:

1. Member of Sunset Point presented an issue of traffic speed control – one lane each way with no stop signs, crosswalk, no speed bumps, etc.  Sunset Point is going to ask the City for a speed bump and requesting a recommendation from the MBNC.  The area in question is along Peninsula Drive from Shimada to Vincent Park. Information was provided for the MBNC Executive Board to approve.

Adjourned: at 8:23 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Williams, Secretary, MBNC

Marina Bay Neighborhood Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes, November 13th, 2019 

7:02 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard , MBNC President 

 Introductions: Officers in attendance – Stephen Beard, Anita Mermel, Margarita Mitas, Lynne Therriault, Adia Leung and Karen Williams

Approximately 20 in attendance including our beat officer, 6 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 2 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report:  Joe Deorian


As of Oct 1, 4 incidents:  grand theft, residential burglary on Lakeshore Court, possession of marijuana in Marina Bay Park, and identity theft on Northshore Drive

Officer Deorian stated that online police reports submitted by individuals should be captured in Officer Deorian’s report to show a true picture of Marina Bay area.  He will further investigate


  1. Holiday potluck party Dec. 11.  Come and enjoy food, fun and frivolity.
  2. There are 36 neighborhood councils in Richmond of which MBNC is one.  A district wide election workshop will be held at the next RNCC (Richmond Neighborhood Community Council) Monday, November 18th at City Hall 6:30-8:30.  More info on the Richmond website.
  3. Richmond Bay Specific Plan is available from the Richmond website.
  4. Marina Bay Neighbors will be holding a workshop Sunday December 17 at 3-4:30 pm at the Shores Clubhouse on “House Pet Protection Preparedness.”  

Nominations open for 2020 Election of Officers

It is time for candidates for the Executive Committee election.  Nominations will be accepted up to 7:00 pm on December 13th.  Please consider making yourself available.  The election will be held at the January 2020 meeting.  Only members may vote.  

Presentation:  Cutz Training Facility

The owner Arman Alberto, has established this facility which was originally in El Cerrito.


  1. Recently opened in Marina Bay
  2. Emphasis on each individual’s needs (muscle building, nutrition and good living habits)
  3. Programs can run for one or several months
  4. Individualized programs for anyone and all
  5. Offering 1 free week trial (4-5 visits)
  6.  510-260-5143
  7. 10 years of experience
  8. Private trainers will adjust hours to meet client needs

Presentation: “Changing Tides” Art Installation

Artists Jeffrey Reed and Jennifer Madden designed and installed the 20-foot tall art sculpture at the Richmond Ferry Building.


  1. Worked on the project for 2 years; it opened October 5th, 2019, with over 500 in attendance
  2. Being interactive was of vital importance
  3. Lights will be solar powered
  4. 4 minute video on history, process, and how the sculpture was made.  See this great video!!
  5. Access to the video and other information is available at
  6. Long term goal is to make this an interactive venue for the community schools, organizations, etc. 
  7. Richmond has 75% of eelgrass meadows over 32 miles of coastline in the San Francisco Bay area.  Eelgrass is the basis for living life in our bay
  8. Sculpture will also reflect the tide: active, living, reflection of nature
  9. There is no charge for any venue using the area
  10. Sound and motion detectors are planned for the future
  11. Jennifer and Jeffrey showed a real enthusiasm and dedication to this project
  12. Their factory is in the Marina Bay area

Open Forum:

  1. Ferry weekend service has stopped for this year and will be reinstated next year
  2. MBNC will draft a letter of support to WETA for weekend service to continue throughout the year
  3. Suggestion of mid-day ferry service during the week with support from MBNC
  4. MBNC is looking for suggestions for future presentations at the MBNC meetings from the members
  5. Lara’s Fine Dining may open after Thanksgiving
  6. UPS store is coming to the CVS Shopping Center (between Regal Salon and La Lupita)
  7. Suggestion of a presentation from the Armistice and it’s extension 
  8. Leslie’s Ceramics is going out of business

Adjourned: at 8:28 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Williams, Secretary, MBNC

Marina Bay Neighborhood Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes, October 9th, 2019 

7:06 pm: The meeting was called to order by Anita Mermel , MBNC Co-Vice President 

Introductions: Officers in attendance – Anita Mermel, Suzanne Nielsen and Karen Williams, who introduced themselves. 

Approximately 21 in attendance including our beat officer, 3 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 2 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report:  Joe Deorian

Highlights for the month of September:

  1. Sept 1 – harassing telephone call
  2. Sept. 9 – Ticket at Marina Bay Regatta  
  3. 2 grand thefts Sept. 5 and Sept. 14 – Melville Square and Bayside
  4. Sept. 17 – Auto burglary Melville Square 
  5. Sept 23 – Vandalism   
  6. Sept. 18 – Collision 
  7. Sept. 6 – Shooting at a vehicle on Marina Bay South

Announcements:  No announcements

Presentation:  Artisan Kitchen, Owner and Manager Lianne Ingham


  1. Lianne opened the Artisan Café in 2007.  Her original plan was to build a commercial kitchen available to herself and local chefs, but 6 months after opening she added the front  café in response to neighbors asking her to serve breakfast and lunch.  
  2. Her commercial kitchen, in back of the café, supports chefs who need licensed cooking space to perform their work as caterers, sell artisanal foods at farmers markets, etc. 
  3. Recently she applied for a liquour license, which takes approximately 3 months to get approved. Once approved, she plans on offering dinner service several times a week, perhaps 5-8 pm.  The menu will vary by the week and what is in season. 
  4. Lianne’s is proud that her menu offerings feature local and seasonal produce, breads, cheeses and other ingredients.  

Presentation: Home2Suites Proposal, Marcia D. Vallier, President, Vallier Design Associates, Inc.


  1. Ms. Vallier presented both the architectural components of the project as prepared by Dale Johnson, lead architect for the project, and the landscape plans prepared by her firm. Her visual presentation included details of the site, a T-shaped lot, located next to CVS.  Plans for the Hilton Home2Suites Hotel include a four story, 48 feet tall building with a total of 102 rooms varying from king studios to one bedroom units plus adjacent spaces available in the future for retail stores or offices.   
  2. Amenities planned  include a fitness center, an outdoor pool, bike lockers for public and hotel use, outdoor seating, picnic tables and meeting rooms.  
  3. The design process has taken into consideration the aesthetic effect of the building on the community, all urban design standards mandated by the Richmond Bay Specific Plan, and blends with the brick facades of the CVS and Starbucks’ buildings. Landscaping plans include a coastal plant palette with a variety of trees, evergreen shrubs, grasses, etc, and a plaza space with an “urban edge” feeling
  4. Construction, once all the approvals, studies and drawings have been completed, will take approximately 2 years.  
  5. The Design Review Board will meet November 13, 2019 in the Richmond Civic Center to review these plans. The project design team kindly requests that the MBNC consider submitting a letter of support to the Design Review Board before this meeting.  

Open Forum:

  1. Elizabeth Dortsch discussed the “No Coal in Richmond” ordinance to be considered November 5th, 2019, by the Richmond City Council.  She asked for support from neighbors in the Marina Bay area by signing the petition and/or attending the City Council meeting.

Adjourned: at 8:30 pm

Karen Williams, Secretary, MBNC

Agenda – Weds January 8, 2020

Wednesday, January 8, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way Happy New Year!


Beat Officer’s Report – What is going on in Marina Bay?


Awards Election of Officers

Presentation: U.S. Census Bureau – Darlene Drabkin from the bureau will tell us all about “the big count” this Spring.

Open Forum – An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks! Thank you so much.

Agenda – Weds November 13, 2019


Wednesday, November 13, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way


Beat Officer’s Report – What is going on in Marina Bay?


Nomination Process for the 2020 Election of Officers

Presentation: Cutz Training Facility – A representative from one of our new businesses on Regatta will come by to talk about their services.

Presentation: “Changing Tides” Art Installation – Artists Jeffrey Reed and Jennifer Madden will join us to talk about their new art installation at the ferry terminal. 

Open Forum – An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks!  Thank you so much.

Agenda – Weds October 9, 2019


Wednesday, October 9, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way


Beat Officer’s Report – What is going on in Marina Bay?


Presentation: Artisan Kitchen – Owner and Manager Lianne Ingham will stop by to tell us about the new services and latest plans for this long-established Marina Bay eatery located across the street from the Starbucks.

Presentation: Home2Suites Proposal – Architect Dale Johnson will share information about the proposed hotel development next to the CVS and invite community input. 

Open Forum – An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community.

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks!  Thank you so much.

Agenda – Weds September 11, 2019


Wednesday, September 11, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way


Beat Officer’s Report– What is going on in Marina Bay?


Presentation: “Shaken, not Stirred” (How to prepare for a disaster)  – Neighborhood resident and emergency preparedness expert Allyson Watts will share her presentation on how to prepare for emergencies.

Presentation: Marina Bay Traffic Issues – City Engineer Dane Rodgers will speak to us about our on-going traffic concerns in Marina Bay.

Open Forum– An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community.

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks!  Thank you so much.

Agenda – Weds August 14, 2019


Wednesday, August 14, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way

Join us for Coffee!


Beat Officer’s Report– What is going on in Marina Bay?


Presentation: Richmond Food Center  – Owner Mohamed Nasser will tell us all about his grocery store at the corner of Cutting and 23rd

Report on Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (LLMD)– Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison from the LLMD, will provide a brief update on how your property taxes are being used to keep Marina Bay beautiful. 

Open Forum– An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community.

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks!  Thank you so much.

Agenda — Weds July 10, 2019


Wednesday, July 10, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way

Join us for Coffee!


Beat Officer’s Report – What is going on in Marina Bay?


Presentation: Cheers By The Bay  – Owner Lara Chloe will tell us all about her new restaurant opening soon on The Esplanade (next to Anh’s).

Presentation:  Ferry to Bridge Greenway Plan – Abraham Sheppard, with Placeworks, will meet with us to discuss the project and the key issues and opportunities associated with it.   They are actively seeking valuable input from Marina Bay residents, and will share ways we can stay involved in guiding the Plan. 

Report on Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (LLMD) – Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison from the LLMD, will provide a brief update on how your property taxes are being used to keep Marina Bay beautiful.

Open Forum – An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks!  Thank you so much.

Agenda — June 12, 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 7:00-8:30 PM
Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way
Join us for Coffee!

  1. Introductions
  2. Beat Officer’s Report – What is going on in Marina Bay
  3. Announcements
  4. Presentation: Tradewinds Sailing School – Butch Florey from
    Tradewinds will tell us all about our neighborhood sailing school (located between The Shores and The Beach HOAs) and their programs!
  5. Presentation: Richmond Ferry– Thomas Hall, Public Information
    and Marketing Manager, San Francisco Bay Ferry | Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA). Mr. Hall will talk about the Richmond Ferry service to San Francisco and take our questions.
  6. Report on Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District
    (LLMD) – Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison from the LLMD, will provide a brief update on how your property taxes are being used to keep Marina Bay beautiful.
  7. Open Forum – An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community

***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks! Thank you so much.

Agenda — May 8, 2019


Wednesday, May 8, 7:00-8:30 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room, 1340 S Marina Way

Join us for Coffee!



Beat Officer’s Report – What is going on in Marina Bay?


Presentation: Property Developments in Marina Bay  –Lina Velasco, Director of Planning and Building for the City of Richmond, will update us on some of the new projects under consideration for our community

Presentation:  CrossFit Cypher Gym – Mauricio Leal & Leslie Macedo, co-owners, will talk to us about their business right here in Marina Bay.

Report on Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (LLMD) – Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison from the LLMD, will provide a brief update on how your property taxes are being used to keep Marina Bay beautiful.

Open Forum – An opportunity to engage with neighbors about issues affecting our community


***Coffee provided by our local Starbucks!  Thank you so much.

Meeting Meeting Minutes, September 11th, 2019

7:05 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

Introductions and Attendance:

Approximately 30 in attendance including our beat officer, 4 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 2 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report: 

Officer Joe Deorian reported in the last 30 days approximately 27 incidents, including 3 mental illness issues, park trespassers, reckless driving, domestic issues, etc. 


  1. Marina Bay Neighbors Basic First Aid Refresher Class on Sept. 15
  2. National Drive Electric Week Event on Sept 19, noon to 3 pm at Civic Center Plaza
  3. Electric charging stations at CVS parking lot include 10 Tesla, 2 other level 2
  4. Vacant lot next to CVS is being used by PG&E as a temporary maintenance yard
  5. Free toxic waste disposal from 8-1 at the Galileo Club on 23rd Ave., Sept. 14
  6. One member met in August with city planner to develop a handicap crossing at the AC Transit bus stop at Regatta and Northshore Dr. beside Anchor Cove and behind The Cove

Presentation: “Shaken, not Stirred by” (How to prepare for a disaster) by Allyson Watts 


In our emergency to-go bags:

  1. Have canned and packaged foods that keeps well and can be opened easily, tap top food cans, raisins, etc.
  2. Extra water
  3. Items like joke books, playing cards, etc. for entertainment with family 
  4. Sturdy shoes or boots to prevent damage to feet from debris
  5. Install dual carbon dioxide and monoxide detectors in bedroom, kitchen, laundry rooms and bathroom
  6. Check your smoke alarms to see that they are working properly

Presentation: Marina Bay Traffic Concerns by City Senior Civil Engineer Dane Rodgers


  1. Dane has 22 years of experience, the last 16 with the city of Richmond
  2. To report an issue (e.g. traffic light not working, rubbish, bike lanes, traffic safety issues, lighting issues, etc.)  go to the City of Richmond website click on icon “COR Connect” AND take a picture.  There is also a mobile app available on both Google and Apple devices.  The app is called “City of Richmond.  All the same things you can report on the website can be reported here.
  3. Members suggested creating a public portal to monitor response time to issues submitted and their priority
  4. City Manager report comes out every week.  For email sign-ups go to the City of Richmond website and sign up for “email sign-ups”.  Select “E-News Signup” from the list on the left side of the screen.
  5. The process to request work to be done by the city:  1.  submit work proposal accompanied by a petition, 2. City will take into consideration and respond to the issue submitted. 
  6. Here are links to the forms for Traffic Submission, Encroachment Permit Application and the City Traffic Program website:
  7.  Some traffic calming tactics that may be appropriate, pending resident input and further study, include speed humps, chicanes, roadway narrowing, and traffic circles.  Traffic diversion tactics potentially include diagonal diverters, half-street closures, and other means to decrease the attraction of using a residential street to bypass arterial or freeway traffic.  Further information and guidance can be found in the Contra Costa County Public Works Department’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, available here:
  8. Power Poles in sidewalk (Send info for sidewalks, curbs to Tawfic Halaby, 510.621.1612.)
  9. Members inquired about how to deter cars making “donuts”
  10. Members asked about the Bot Dots on Marina Bay Parkway – are they working to control speeding?  The city is looking for alternatives to control speed past Regatta to the end of Marina Bay Parkway.

Open Forum-Topics included:

  1.  Picnic table seating in Marina Bay Park
  2. “No Coal in Richmond” is in need of support
  3. Vacant lot across from Shimada Park – talked about the toxicity of the soil at that site.
    • President Beard advised that there is a website operated by the State of California that tracks the progress of remediation on ALL contaminated sites in the State, including those in Marina Bay.  The link to the site is
  4. Area for a dog park was discussed

Thank you to Starbuck’s for providing the coffee.

Next meeting is October 9, 2019.

Adjourned:   8:31 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, August 14, 2019

7:02 pm: The meeting was called to order by Co-Vice President Margarita Mitas

Introductions:Attendees and officers introduced themselves. Approximately 20 in attendance including a beat officer, 4 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 1 guest. 

Beat Officer’s Report:   Officer Mike Rood gave the Beat Officer’s Report area stats for Marina Bay for July:  12-15 reports included arrest, burglary, property theft, fraud, petty theft and vandalism.  If you hear “spinning donuts” call 911, instead of emailing.  Residents can obtain crime reports by going to Crime View on Richmond Police Dept. which updates crime reports in the Richmond area.  Residents can sign up for reports.

Issues discussed included recommendations for speed bumps on Harbor Way South, Vincent Park and Shimada Friendship Park (to prevent donuts); Officer Rood recommends reporting a past crime online which will generate a free crime report immediately with a case number, etc. (there is a charge if you go to the police station and an officer has to type of the report); and Officer Rood informed us about “Informed Delivery” which is a system that can be signed up in USPS (United States Postal Service) where you can receive pictures of the mail you are to receive each day.

Announcements:  The RNCC does not meet in August so there were no announcements from them.  Regatta Ave is open; there is an acting Richmond City Manager until December and Marina Bay Emergency Preparedness Committee is offering a first aid refresher course on Sept 15th, 3-4:30 pm in the Shores Clubhouse.  Sign up as soon as course is announced on Next Door because attendance will be limited to 32. 

Presentation: Richmond Food Center:  Suzanne Nielsen introduced a member of the family that owns Richmond Food Center at Cutting Ave. and 23rdAve, Mohamed Nasser.  This has been a family owned grocery store for 30 years.  He is encouraging residents to tell them what they want to have in the store so they can better meet the needs of the community.  Their prices are competitive with local supermarkets.  They are considering several ideas about what to do with the new parcel purchased adjacent to the Food Center…possibly a farmer’s market, but he also mentioned Food Trucks. Also, considering a phone app where he would deliver groceries free of charge.  He is still collecting ideas at this point.  

The Food Center is open daily from 8 am – 11 pm.

Safety is an issue that they are aware of and only one robbery by high school students in the past 30 years.  To create a sense of greater security, it was recommended that they open up windows in the building so that the owners can see what is going on the parking lot and so customers can see the owners!  They are going to eliminate inexpensive alcohol and pan handling is not allowed.

Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (MBLLMD): No report

Open Forum-Topics included:

Traffic Engineer has been contacted for a presentation; local residents are encouraged to take the weekend ferry to support our area on this trial run ending November 3rd; and NO COAL IN RICHMOND ordinance volunteers encourage MB residents to take an interest in this initiative.

Thank you to Starbuck’s for providing the coffee.

Next meeting is September 11, 2019.

Adjourned:   8:14 pm

Respectfully submitted, Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, July 10th, 2019

7:02 pm:The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

 Introductions:Attendees and officers introduced themselves. 

Approximately 62 in attendance including our beat officer, MBLLC Liaison, 5 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, and 3 guests.  

Beat Officer’s Report: 

Officer B. Marweg, ( gave the Beat Officer’s Report area stats for Marina Bay for the last month:  There were 5 incidents; one deadly weapon charge on 6/19; and 31 traffic citations.

Many attendees were concerned about traffic issues in our community.  The reporting officer said that the Traffic Engineer for the city of Richmond should be contacted for dangerous traffic routes and speeding in our area.   This matter will be discussed at the next MBNC Executive Committee meeting as requested by many residents in attendance.


  1. July 18th, 5:30 pm -Rally for “Coal Out of Richmond”, Civic Center Plaza in Richmond (before the City of Richmond Planning Commission considers the Richmond Coal Ordinance starting at 6:30 pm after the rally). To read the ordinance and learn more about the health effects of coal and petroleum coke dust, visit the No Coal in Richmond website
  2. July 20th, 12 pm – 3pm at Point Molate: Nature Nerd Bioblitz #2.  For more information go to
  3. July 21st, 3-4:30 pm – “Marina Bay Neighbors Fire Disaster Survival”; meeting at the Shores at Marina Bay Clubhouse:  Richmond deputy Fire Marshal, Eric Munson, will cover a range of topics, including a Q&A session with free handouts.
  4. August 17, 2019; West County Fire Drill for users of FRS/GMRS radio users by the Marina Bay Emergency Communication Center. For more info call 510 236-8460 or text 510 701-7443
  5. Felix Tan has announced that crime has been going down in the Richmond area at the recent Richmond Neighborhood Committee meeting.
  6. Nixle: Richmond’s Official Notification System; get local alerts and advisories from the City of Richmond sent directly to your cell phone or email.  It is quick, easy, secure and free. Text your zip code to 888-777 or online at Website is
  7. Richmond Fire Department has a brochure: Ready, Set, – Evacuation Preparedness.  For more info
  8. Richmond’s California’s New Fair housing Law applies to low-income housing and those renting under the Section 8 rental program. For more information contact Bay Area Legal Aid at 510 233-9954
  9. AC transit fares changed July 1, 2019. Visit for complete details on the new fare policy.
  10. Effective September 1, 2019, the maximum allowable rent for rent-controlled units in the City of Richmond will increase by 3.5%. For notice templates, FAQs, and more information:  510 234-7368; or visit
  11. The Richmond Department of Children and Youth is seeking 15 Richmond and North Richmond residents to serve on the inaugural Oversight Board and attend monthly meetings for the Richmond Fund for Children and Youth.  Application deadline is August 30, 2019.  Apply online at www.richmondyouth.orgor visit 450 Civic Center Plaza (3rdfloor) to pick up an application.  For more information call 510 620-6523.

Presentation: Cheers by the Bay, Owner Lara Choe

Owner Lara Choe spoke about her new restaurant, Lara’s Fine Dining, opening this Fall in Marina Bay.  There will be a full service bar, including 6-8 craft beers, and specializing in good quality seafood, as well as other dishes, on the menu.  There will also be a daily Happy Hour. Restaurant hours will be11:30 am to 9:30 pm 7 days a week with brunch on the weekends.  

There is a 20 year lease so she expects her restaurant to be a stable long-term addition to our community.  Group meeting rooms will be available.  Ms. Choe is open to ideas from our community.  

Presentation: Ferry to Bridge to Greenway Plan, Abraham Sheppard with Placeworks

Placeworks, a private consulting company located in Berkeley, was contracted by the city of Richmond to plan the first phase of a four-year project titled Complete Streets Plan ending in 2020.  The plan will provide valuable transportation connections for people to walk, drive, cycle, or use transit from the bridge to the ferry more easily. It will enhance pedestrian amenities include flashing beacons and high-visibility crosswalks, landscaping and seating, attractive sidewalks, corner burnout, and pedestrian lighting.  The plan will enhance bicycle amenities include colored bicycle lane markings, Cutting Boulevard (Richmond) conceptual rendering, bike signals, Richmond greenway, and bike racks.  Other enhancements include public plazas, lane reductions, landscaped median and traffic calming.  Now in the initial stage of getting public input of the plan, with plan adoption expected a year from now.   

Discussion topics included: funding of the plan and clarification that current funding is just for the plan, not for the implementation; congestion of traffic; bike lane conditions; bus service connection; bus amenities to encourage bus use; safety issues for pedestrians; bike share station; bathrooms, etc.

Abraham Sheppard can be contacted at; more info and the Complete Streets Plan are available at the project website (includes Online Survey)  To take a short cell phone text survey text “active” to 510-900-5861.

Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (MBLLMD): Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison

Nancy Kemper reported on the work being currently completed. 5 crew workers maintain 400 acres. There have been 3 Park Supervisors in 2019.  The crew is back on schedule after completing extensive weed control.  

Open Forum-Topics included:

  1. Regatta Avenue re-opening is still unknown
  2. Speeding in Marina Bay area

Thank you to Starbuck’s for providing the coffee.

Next meeting is September 11, 2019.

Adjourned:   8:29 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary


Meeting Minutes, June 12th, 2019

7:00 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

Introductions: Attendees introduced themselves.  Over 50 in attendance including our beat officer, MBLLC Liaison, 3 MBNC Executive Committee Officers, 1 Live-aboard and 5 guests

 Beat Officer’s Report: 

Officer Joe DeOrian, our Marina Bay beat officer, gave the updated Marina Bay area stats for April:  identity theft, domestic disturbance, burglary, auto burglary, tampering with vehicle, quality of life issue, mental illness issue, thefts.  May: vandalism, identify theft, grand theft, domestic violence issue, court orders, mental illness, stolen vehicle recovery.  Major issues are cars “donuts” and racing in our area.  After-dark surveillance is being implemented and if the owners of the cars are caught their cars will be impounded for 30 days.  RPD are assisting owners of RV’s parking illegally on the streets (encampment) to find other locations. 


  1. Speaker for July is owner of Cheers by the Bay (new restaurant in location of the old Salutes restaurant site on Explanade.)
  2. July 3rd Richmond fireworks on the Bay; 
  3. Rosie the Riveter Home Front Festival, August 10thstarting at 11 am at the Craneway Pavilion; 
  4. Richmond’s Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC).  UFAC serves in an advisory capacity for City of Richmond’s tree planning and tree care initiatives.  Meetings are the 3rdMonday of each month, 6 pm – 8 pm at Richmond Room, City Hall; 
  5. Trade in your old car and receive funds to purchase or lease a hybrid or electric vehicle. Grants range from $2500 to $9500. For more info go;
  6. Nixle is Richmond’s Official Notification System to get local alerts and advisories from the City of Richmond to your cell phone or email.  Text your zip code to 888-777 or online at
  7. The United States Urban Warrior Society-California Chapter will be hosting it’s 5thAnnual Indigenous People’s Walk for Sobriety Saturday, July 20th; Medicare Health Fair for Seniors is June 29th, from 10 am – 4pm at the Richmond Senior Center.  No cost health screenings will be provided; 8.) Richmond PAL (Public Activities League) is sponsoring Richmond PAL Casino Trip to Feather Falls and Thunder Valley, July 13th.  Call 510-621-122 for more information;
  8. Alcohol Prevention Coalition to reduce access to alcohol for youth in West Contra Costa county. For more info email Jacquelyne at
  9. East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is launching a community engagement survey, seeking public input, to help; inform the District’s future priorities and directions.  Share your thoughts on the EAST Bay parks and trails by completing a short survey at
  10. There is no estimated date for completion for the Trash Capture Device Installation on Regatta Ave.  It is delayed due to unexpected interference with Comcast operations in the area. boring a new location;    
  11. The installation of the Moody Underpass Public Art is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2020;
  12. The Sheridan Point – Ferry Landing Public Art installation is to start after July 4thand dedication of the artwork sometime in October 2019;
  13. Richmond Ferry to Bridge to Greenway Complete Streets Plan was circulated.

Presentation:Tradewinds Sailing School, Angie Liebert

Angie gave a brief history about Tradewinds that in 1962 was a boat brokerage and started sailing lessons. Current owners took over in 2005 and in 2009 moved to present location.  They have 35 boats in fleet and boats can be chartered so you can have different experiences before purchasing your boat of choice.  Sailing lessons are from beginners to advanced.  They have a plethora of classes and there is a sliding schedule depending on boat of choice starting at $175 a day to rent.

Presentation: Richmond Ferry, WETA (Water Emergency Transportation Authority), Thomas Hall, Public Information and Marketing Manager

Thomas Hall gave a video presentation including San Francisco Bay Ferry at a Glance. Emergency response role mission is to evacuate SF and east bay areas in case of an emergency.  In six years the ridership has doubled from 1,500,000 to almost 3,000,000 which it will exceed in 2019.  Fleet expansion includes three vessels under construction with 5 new boats since 2017 serving primarily Alameda, Oakland, Vallejo and Richmond. Capacity is 300 to 445 depending on the vessel.  Boats are retired after 25-30 years of service.  

Looking to the future other options including smaller boats and hovercrafts with more flexibility are being considered.  Ferry rider surveys are done every 3 years by an outside party.  The most consistent reasons for taking the ferry are to avoid traffic and parking 65%, ride quality 50 %, relaxing 50%, multitask 28%, faster, environment, sightseeing, no car, cheaper and other.  The Richmond Ferry Terminal and service was a $20 million project funded by State Prop 1B, Measure 1, and FTA grants.  Service operations are estimated at $4.4 million annually, funded through Measure J and fares.  A new ADA Kayak Launch has been built at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor.   The trip from SF to Richmond is approximately 35 minutes each way.  Service will not change for the next 2 months.  There will be a 3% increase on fares as of July 1, 2019.  Ridership per day was estimated to be 450 per day and is presently 688 per day.  The ferry will hit the 75,000 passengers mark this week and the ferry was averaging better than 840 per day in June.  Weekend service plans have been drawn up and may begin later this summer.  Mid-day service may also come later. 

In case of a disaster the ferries would be used for transporting first responders and then evacuation.  Four crew are on each ferry.  They are diligent, friendly and highly trained.  Smaller vessels could provide late night services and more trips on the schedule.  Electric hybrid vessels are being investigated.  Goal for 2023 is zero or near zero emission vessels.   2025 is the expected start date for service to/from Berkeley at the old Berkeley pier. Thomas can be reached at

 Keep riding the ferry!!! 

Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (MBLLMD): Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison

Ruth Zablotsky, a member of the Advisory Committee to the District, gave the report.  Two businesses, five homeowners, and our harbormaster make up the committee (currently there are no businesses on the committee).  There is a new parks supervisor for the district.  Bathrooms in Melville square and Vincent park are now being locked at night due to vandalism.  Current issues are trash pick-up consuming workers time; weed abatement equipment has been repaired; and the coming fiscal year assessment fees notification have been mailed out.   The Committee meets the 3rdThursday of each month, 11 months a year at the Harbormaster’s building.  Homeowners in Marina Bay pay 58% of the budget for MBLLMD and the balance is paid by the city of Richmond.  

Open Forum-Topics included:

  1. A resident requested that we get a farmer’s market in Marina Bay
  2. A resident requested more bike lanes for Marina bay Parkway;
  3. Ms. Dandie from the West County Warming Center addressed services for the homeless.   
  4. ”Let’s Talk” brochures were distributed by a representative from Assembly member Buffy Wicks.  If you would like to receive electronic communications from her office visit 

Thank you to Starbuck’s for providing the coffee and Rubicon Bakers for the cupcakes.

Next meeting is July 10th, 2019.

Adjourned:  8:28 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, May 8th, 2019

7:00 pm: The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

Introductions: Attendees introduced themselves.  40 in attendance including 5 MBNC officers, 1 Richmond police officer, 1 LLC member, and 2 invited speakers.

Beat Officer’s Report: 

Joe Deorian, our Marina Bay beat officer, gave theApril report which included 1 residential burglary, 4 drug related calls, tampering with vehicles, 8 DUI in the Ferry area, 3 misc. calls, 12 tickets for traffic violation, 1 weapon brandishing, 3 basic thefts, and 1 collision.  After taking questions from the floor it was determined that these reported incident numbers may have included crime activity just North of Marina Bay.  The community requested that future reports be limited to crime in the Marina Bay neighborhood area only.  


1.) Taste of Richmond: Local Restaurants, Breweries and Wineries, May 8, 2019, 2-6 pm, at Riggers Loft Wine Company; tickets are $20 and cover entrance, live local music, tastes, and samples; 2.) Bike to Work Day in Richmond, May 9th; 3.)  West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee, May 14th, 7 pm, to learn about and provide feedback on what the future could hold for San Pablo Avenue between Oakland and Hilltop; 4.) Marina Bay, Richmond, Disaster Survival and Recovery, May 19, 3-4:30 pm, The Shores Conference Room; 5.)   May 22, City Hall Neighborhood Block Captain Watch meeting 7 pm; 6.)  Fill out survey at to prioritize $60million in federal funding for Contra Costa County over the next five years;  7.)  WETA is conducting a survey to learn more about how the Richmond Ferry can improve the service at;  8.)  Richmond residents that subscribe to compost services may pick-up a free kitchen bin at West Contra Costa County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility; 9.)  Richmond Ferry (WETA) coming presenting at MBNC June meeting.

Presentation: CrossFit Cypher Gym

Mauricio Leal is founder and co-owner.  CrossFit Cypher is a membership-based fitness facility that believes everyone has the ability to take ownership of their health.   They provide individualized guidance, caring coaching and specific accountability  

CrossFit is structured training with functional movements paired with nutrition and lifestyle to support long-term health.   Mauricio took questions from the floor including pricing, class size, hours, etc.

Presentation:  Property Development in Marina Bay

Lina Velasco, Director of Planning and Building for the City of Richmond, updated us about current projects and new projects under consideration for our community.  

Two phases of Artisan Cove have been completed, one more phase to come; NOMA will be making enhancements to the front of their complex; two new projects on Harbour Way S include Lumber Baron and a warehouse facility at 912 Harbour Way S.

Two new proposals include a 4-5 story 399 residential unit development planned for the vacant lot at the foot of Marina Way S.  The FM parcel, located between the Anchor Cove Development and the parking lot for the Marina to the immediate East of the Harbour Master building, is being considered for residential and retail commerce; possible 3-4 stories over parking; up to 400 units. 

Under review is a Home2Suites Hotel in lot next to CVS shopping center; in early phase of site planning with approximately 104 rooms. 

Other information that Lina shared included hopes for an urban, pedestrian friendly grocery store in the Marina Bay; anew restaurant, Cheers by the Bay, being developed on the former Salute site, planned to open in May, but is hitting more dry rot repair than expected; Richmond field station – new chancellor – and no longer the Global Campus plan and considering new options.  Records Library will have an expansion project in the near future.  Richmond Ferry has more service than SSF and they are looking at more times and days for expanding service.  Major strategy for developing and expanding Marina Bay takes into consideration major corridors for mixed use and support of local retail services.  TESLA charging stations are presently under construction in the CVS parking lot.  No plans currently for Area T which is west of The Shores at Marina Bay.

Traffic management is a concern for Marina Bay, not only because of community growth and the Ferry, but also “The Ferry to Bridge to Greenway Complete Streets Plan”, which is a Cal Trans project to construct safe routes for bicycle and pedestrians by connecting the Richmond Ferry, the Richmond Greenway and the planned Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.

Regatta and Harbour Way is being studied for a traffic sign/signal.  Members wanted to know how we, as a community, can encourage better traffic control and planning.

Questions of concern about emergency services as we grow larger and deal with railroad tracks, traffic, more population, etc. were expressed.  

Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (MBLLMD):  Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison

MBLLMD is addressing weeds in medians and landscaped beds; no chemicals are allowed to be used by the workers so weeds have to be removed by hand.  6 trees to be removed on Marina Green and replaced by box trees; Ship Monument to be removed because of deterioration – story board plaques will be saved; Melville restrooms are still being repaired due to vandalism in miss-use of toilets.

Open Forum

Topics included Meet and Greet activities for Marina Bay at Harbourmaster’s building would encourage neighborhood camaraderie; Disaster Survival and Recovery Workshop reminder; Marina Bay Neighbors has been established as a group to help when disasters strike Marina Bay neighborhood by Karen Fenton.

Next meeting is June 12that 7 pm, WETA will do a presentation.

Adjourned: 8:27 pm

Respectfully submitted, 

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, April 10th, 2019

7:01 pm : The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President

Introductions were made. 20 in attendance with 5 MBNC officersand 1 guest. 

Beat Officer’s Report:

Officer Sanchez (Graveyard Shift) March 1- April 9 report for Marina Bay:  5 incidents which included check frauds, vandalism, package theft, auto burglary. Report license plates of cars entering through gates following a car that appears to have no authorization for entry to the Richmond Police Dept.; verify gates are locked behind them when exiting from the trails/sidewalks into the developments.


Hazardous waste disposal event April 13 in Hercules; free Spring Egg Hunt April 13 at Richmond Civic Center Plaza; April 14 is Water Safety Day next to Kennedy High School; April 27th from 11-2pm is National ParkRx Day with free health screenings, health & fitness resource fair, free fitness classes, entertainment, a bike repair pop-up and giveaways; April 24- June 26, 2019 is an Adult Co-Ed Softball League in Nicholl Park, Richmond; May 18, 2-6pm is Taste of Richmond at Riggers Loft Wine Company with local breweries and wineries.

Every 5 years we have the opportunity to help identify our city’s greatest needs and determine how federal monies will be spent to help address those needs.  Take a quick 10 minute survey and make your voice COUNT!

for English; 

for Spanish.

President Beard reported that Mayor Tom Butt, in one of his recent e-newsletters, shared news that the  court challenge to RM3 was thrown out; this is big news for Richmond which includes tens of millions of dollars that can now flow to mobility projects in Richmond, most important is the allocation to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Access Improvements.   

Joanne Le from the City of Richmond  Environment Services Manager,  explained the closing of traffic lanes for the Waste Diversion Project for the Meeker Slough at Regatta Ave.  Traffic may be closed or diverted with alternate closing of lanes for 45 days for traffic control while the project is being completed.

Presentation: Noel Diaz from Purity Wine

Noel provided several wine selections, cheese and sweets for the meeting.  Purity Wine is located at 1401 Marina Way South Suite 280 across from the Harbor Master’s building.  

He opened in late 2017 and started as a winery.  He only uses organic grapes and has used a variety of grapes from Northern California vineyards.  Additionally, he has now opened a full wine bar because people in the neighborhood showed an interest in more than just a winery.  It is casual and friendly, including sofa seating. He can hold parties of up to 50 people.  He makes wine, different varieties, on site and will gladly give tours.  Purity Wine is presently open Wed through Sat.  His project is a work in progress and is evolving.  He is on Instagram.  Watch for more to come from this community friendly business!

Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services, Nikki Beasley, Executive Director:  This is a non-profit organization which began in 1981 addressing the issue of Redlining by mortgage lenders. It was founded by local Richmond residents.  The purpose of the agency is to provide affordable housing for low income families.  Foreclosure prevention advisory services, In-Film developments, Section 8 discrimination, tenant screening, advocacy for affordable housing, financial literacy classes (how to purchase a home), and social services are just a few of their services.  There are no charges for their services.  Their primary purpose is to close the equity gap in home purchases.

Landscape & Lighting Maintenance District (LLMD):  Nancy Kemper, MBNC Liaison from the LLMD

Nancy met with David Rogers, parks supervisor, to discuss weeds in the Marina Bay area which are being worked on.  They are working on the Melville Square bathrooms which were broken into and are not functioning due to laundry being put down the toilets which now need to be taken out for repair.  Port-A-Potties are set up.  Harbor Master bathrooms have a “seagull” siren to keep people from lingering too long or camping out in the restrooms.  A new memorial bench is being placed in front of the museum.  Plans for re-landscaping part of the Melville Square parking area will begin after the restrooms are restored.

Open Forum

What is happening to the Salute restaurant building?  It is going to open as Cheers By the Bay.

Why isn’t there a grocery store in Marina Bay?  Demographic density reports from developers (grocery stores) have reported there are not enough residents in the area.  

Traffic on Esplanada near The Cove was discussed.  Public Works should be contacted.

Several fire hydrants ADA compliance were discussed.  There is City of Richmond responsibility and LLMD responsibility.  

Location of the new art park near the underpass on the southside of Marina Bay Parkway was discussed.

Adjourned 8:27 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, March 13th, 2019

7:01 pm – The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC President.

Introductions and Announcements:  Introductions were made.  25 in attendance with 7 MBNC officers and 5 guests.

Beat Officer’s Report:  Capt. Tim Simmons (newly appointed), Richmond Police Department, introduced himself.   He explained the way Richmond’s districts are laid out geographically.  Marina Bay is in the Southern District.He encouraged residents to take the Community Safety Ambassador Program.  It is a course that residents may take to know just how the police department works and all its parts inside and out.  It is a free course and takes two months to complete meeting one night a week and every other Saturday.  Maximum of 18 students for each class.  Joe Deorian, our beat officer, reported in the last month there were reports of vandalisms, traffic violations, call for service, an identity theft and a petty theft.  There are cars spinning in the Shipyard area and they are being addressed and asked to stop.  After a warning they will have their cars confiscated.


President Beard explained that we are one of a group of neighborhood councils in Richmond that are represented at the monthly Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council.  A fitness studio has applied to be in the space vacated by Pascal’s in the CVS shopping center. Armistice (across from CVS) is planning on expanding into an adjacent space.  Cesar Chavez Day will be held on Saturday, March 30th,at Portumex (a restaurant) at 721 23rdSt.  Access to planning projects for the City of Richmond under review can be accessed at  The WCCUSD (West Contra Costa Unified School District) re-aligned the district boundaries for elected representatives.  This is the result of a legal settlement.  The city is holding a meeting to help design the new Boorman Park next month.

The city is reviewing a development proposal for the vacant land adjacent to the Rosie the Riveter Museum.  The proposal calls for nearly 400 units of housing.

Presentation:  Stephen McAdaragh and Christine Brinson from the NOMA development, 193 units.  Excited to be in Richmond and happy to be part of the Marina Bay community.  Selling homes since November of 2018.  Move-in dates start this week and entire complex will be completed next year.   March 23rd is their Grand Opening and all are welcome from 12-3 pm. Walking tours will be available.  Questions were answered from the floor.

Presentation:  Stephen Orosz, Harbormaster at Marina Bay, discussed the upcoming Boat Show Preview presented by Pacific Sail & Power Boat coming to our harbor April 4-7, 2019. Fourth year for this event; used to be in Jack London Square.  Brand new boats will be docked and exhibition booths at Craneway Pavillion.  There will be seminars and demonstrations, on land and water.  Tickets can be purchased in advance.

Open Forum:  Nancy from Marina Bay Lighting and Landscape Maintenance District (MB LLMD) announced that they are taking down the Shipyard Monument in the Barbara & Jay Vincent Park (at end of Marina Bay Parkway) due to wear and tear.  Another structure will be placed there.  Other members of the District discussed what the committee does for Marina Bay and its residents.  It was recommended that MBNC agenda include a short report from LLMD to the community each month.

It was announced that if you want to know the current air quality for Marina Bay go to is a site that residents can use to delete the Tuesday shopping mail packet we receive each week.    

A representative from a group called NO COAL IN RICHMOND spoke about their effects to ban coal on Richmond trains.  They hope to get city council to pass an ordinance.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.

Meeting Minutes – February 13, 2019

Meeting Minutes, February 13th, 2019

7:00pm – The meeting was called to order by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Introductions and Announcements:  Members of the community introduced themselves. Stan Anderson was honored and acknowledged at the February Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council meeting.  The Richmond ferry is a success at this early stage.  The main post office in downtown Richmond is to remain open and is being renamed the end of February.  Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council (RNCC) offers up to 4 annual mailings for each neighborhood council providing materials and postage.  The neighborhood council provides the labor to label and affix stamps.

Beat Officer Report:  Joe DeOrian, our Marina Bay beat officer, reported the crime stats for our area from December to the present included arrests, thefts, batteries, citations, incidents, impounds, burglaries, vandalisms and auto thefts. Officer DeOrian is available to answer any questions/concerns at

Presentation:  Trash Reduction in Meeker Slough, City Water Resource Department, Joanne Lee, Environmental Service Manager and Ryan Smith, City Director of Water Resource Recovery Dept:  Ryan and Joanne shared with us information about the two full-capture devices to be installed at Meeker Ditch and Regatta.  This is a $5.5 million project funded, installed, and maintained by CalTrans.  This project was initiated in 2016 with CalTrans and the City of Richmond.  In 2017 two trash devices were installed at S. 8th& Petrero & McDonald and along Marina Bay Parkway.  CalTrans is in the process of installing a trash device at Meeker Ditch at Regatta Ave.  The water flow activates the device in the storm drain to capture sediment and debris as small as 40 microns.  CalTrans will annually (more often as needed), to have debris removed and placed in a landfill.  The street lanes will be shifted during the installation so traffic won’t be closed during construction.  This project is 100% funded and managed by CalTrans.  Richmond is the first bay area city to implement this program with CalTrans. Many other cities are waiting to do the same. 

2019 MBNC Officers Elections: Stephen Beard and Lynne Therriault introduced the MBNC candidates.  Each candidate briefly presented their background for the positions. Nominations were open from the floor. 

Secretary: No nominations from the floor.   Karen Williams unanimously elected.

Co-Treasurers:  No nominations from the floor.  Lynne Therriault and Adia Ryanunanimously elected.

Co-Vice Presidents:  No nominations from the floor.  Rita Mitas and Anita Mermel unanimously elected.

President:  No nominations from the floor.  Stephen Beard unanimously elected.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Williams, MBNC Secretary 

Meeting Minutes, January 9th, 2019

7:00pm – The meeting was called to order by Lynne Therriault, MBNC Treasurer

Introductions and Announcements:  Members of the community introduced themselves.  Lynne announced that Ferry Service starts tomorrow morning with the Launch Ceremony at 1:30pm.  She also announced that new officers are needed for the MBNC.  Anyone who is interested should stay after the meeting adjourns.

Beat Officer Report:  Training Officer Steve Purcell from the Northern District stood in for the MBNC regular Beat Officer Joe DeOrian who is out ill.  Officer Purcell was in the Southern District today training a new officer and so was available to present the Beat Officer Report this evening.  The crime stats for our area included identity theft, battery, two auto thefts and a dingy theft from the marina.  The major incident occurred December 30th.  One of three males in an Airbnb rental at 213 Marina Lakes Drive became severely under the influence, grabbed a knife and stabbed one of the other two.  The two victims escaped to another home where the police were called.  The man with the knife used a fire extinguisher to knock in the door and continued his aggressive behavior.  Police apprehended and arrested him for attempted murder and home invasion.  The three men were from the Tahoe area, not Richmond. 

The police experienced some delay in entering the complex because of the locked vehicle gate.  Officer Purcell shared the Captain’s request the quick access using an emergency code – suggesting that all gated communities used code 0717.  The Harbormaster stated that his security system did not allow for a leading zero in an access code.  This issue needs to be pursued.

Presentation – Masayuki (Yuki) Nagase:  Michele Seville, Richmond Arts and Culture Manager, introduced Regina Almaguer, Project Manager, several members of the Public Art Commission and Yuki, the sculptor selected from among three artists to develop the public art project for the lawn area adjacent to the Moody Underpass.  This area was a Shell Mound of the Ohlone Tribe.  Yuki was selected as the artist for this public art project because of the way he has worked with the people involved with the project areas and installations in other public spaces across the country.  Yuki presented a slide show of a number of his other projects (  From his discussions with representatives of the Ohlone Tribe and exploration of the project site, at this point his design to honor the Ohlone culture he proposes replacing some of the trees in the site and installing a winding path through the lawn area with three sculptures – one each representing water, earth and air. Michele stated that the project time line includes completion within a year.  She also stated that this project has been fast tracked so they would not lose $375k of the State project funds.

Presentation – John Gioia, County Supervisor, District 1:  John was President of the MBNC 25 years ago and served on the EBMUD board for 10 years.  He was first elected the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors in 1998 and has been re-elected five times representing 210.000 residents in the western most urban and diverse area of the county. He served on the California Air Resources Board and has served on the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board.  He was instrumental in having Richmond selected as one of ten cities in the State to receive grants for enhanced air monitoring with the objective of improving quality of the air we breathe and reducing emissions. He noted that an all-electric ferry is being built in Alameda and he is working to have it become part of the fleet serving Richmond after it passes all its testing.   He serves on the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and as Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority he helped lead an effort to pass an historic measure to raise $500M for S.F. Bay.  He is also co-chair of RISE Together, a regional effort to reduce poverty in the Bay Area. 

With the Affordable Care Act, The County went from 100k to 200k covered by health insurance and the County provides health care for undocumented youth.  

With the closure of Doctors Hospital, West County lost a number of emergency room beds.  Two Urgent Care centers are Lifelong Medical Urgent Care Center and New MD Urgent Care.  The County has a paramedic on all fire trucks. Richmond fire trucks have an EMT and they are looking at upgrading to a paramedic. 

John distributed two very helpful resources – a West County Quick Reference Guide   ( and an AMR Emergency Care Guide.

John acknowledged the sudden death of Stan Anderson on December 22, 2018.  John knew Stan well having worked with him for a number of years and, of course, Stan was President of the MBNC.  In that role, we know him as someone who cared for the community and its residents and took our concerns to the attention of City Officials and other relevant partners.    Stan was also President of the Bayfront HOA, immediate past President of the RNCC and its current Treasurer. 

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by Acting Secretary, Karen Williams

Meeting Minutes, November 14, 2018

7:05 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Stan Anderson made several announcements:

  1.  The MBNC is looking for new people to serve on the Executive Committee.  Stan requested that anyone who is interested or knows anyone who may be interested to contact him.
  2. The MBNC has negotiated for 24/7 security patrols of Marina Bay to be paid for by a new Cannabis business located just outside of the Marina Bay boundaries.
  3. The Holiday Pot Luck will take place on Wednesday December 12th.

Beat Cop Report — T. Peterson:   Officer Peterson reported on crime stats for our area, which included petty theft reports; identity theft; and restraining orders for domestic assault.   Several attendees asked questions.

Presentation — Richmond Homelessness Task Force, Officer Tim Gray, Richmond Police Department:  Officer Gray told residents all about the city council’s task force on homelessness, and some of the challenges the city and the police have in dealing with emcampments.

Presentation — Republic Services:  The representative of the waste management company was unable to attend, but MBNC President Stan Anderson had handouts regarding garbage collection and recylcing.   President Anderson advised the group regarding the challenge of keeping recycling collections clear of non-recyclable material.  He says due to the higher standards being put in place by buyers of recyclables (primarily Chinese companies) regarding what can and cannot be included, some waste collection companies and communities are now beginning to charge homeowners for putting non-recyclable items in the bins.   He warned that this could happen in Richmond and Marina Bay if the problems continued.

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)

Meeting Minutes, September 12, 2018

7:00 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Stan Anderson made several announcements:

  1.  A Tesla charging station is being installed at the plaza
  2. The MBNC is hosting an Candidate’s Night for City of Richmond Mayoralty and Council candidates at our next meeting on October 10th.
  3. Marina Bay residents are encouraged to participate in the MBNC.  Each HOA may select a representative of their Association to serve as a liason to the Council.

A resident from Marina Bay Northshore announced they had established a new Safety and Security Group there and encouraged folks to contact her regarding participation and support for similar organizations at other associations.

A resident from Breakers talked about that Association’s Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Presentation — 9-1-1 Emergency Services, Michael Shlemmer, City of Richmond:  Ms. Shlemmer advised attendees on how the 9-1-1 services work in Richmond and how residents can use them most effectively.

Presentation — Armistice Brewery, Alex Zobel, Owner:  Alex stopped by and gave us all an update as the brewery celebrates its first year in Marina Bay in August.

Announcement, Harbor Master Steve Orosz: The Harbor Master was present.  He discussed the work being done on the new kayak launch as well as progress on the new waste collection area being developed in the parking lot across from Melville Square.

Beat Officer’s Report — None.

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)

Meeting Minutes, August 8th, 2018

7:04 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson led a discussion about control of speeding cars on Marina Bay Parkway and community concerns about the speed bumps installed on the Southbound side of the underpass.  Residents were encouraged to email the Richmond Police at to report speeding.    President Anderson announced that a Nominating Committee would be appointed to select a new Executive Board.

Presentation — Commercial Support Services, Murri Banis, Program Coordinator:  Ms. Banis told the group all about her non-profit agency that provides employment for people with developmental disabilities in a facility on Regatta.

Police Beat Report:   No officer present.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:14pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)

Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2018

7:01 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  Treasurer Lynne Therriault told the group about the Energy Savings Assistance Program from PG&E, that is available to residents on Medicare.   The phone number to access these free benefits is:  510-417-9821.  Lynne also handed out free passes to Mountain Hard Ware at the Craneway.

Presentation — Donation to the Rosie the Riveter Trust:  President Stan Anderson presented the Director of the trust, Marsha Mather-Thrift with a check from MBNC for $1000.  Mather-Thrift thanked the MBNC and gave a brief report on the work of the trust.

Presentation — Lost Secrets of Point Molate and the San Pablo Peninsula, Richmond Mayor Tom Butt:  Mayor Butt gave a fascinating presentation on the history of Point Molate.   After the presentation, he answered questions about the area and its potential future development.

Presentation — Donation to the Membe’s Way:  President Stan Anderson presented  Salute E Vita Ristorante owner Menbere Aklilu with a check from MBNC for $1000.  Aklilu thanked the MBNC and offered a brief report on some of the work of her non-profit.

Police Beat Report:   Officer Mendel gave an update on police activity in our area and answered questions.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)

Meeting Minutes, March 14, 2018

7:02 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson made several announcements:

a) The broken fence at the underpass has finally been repaired.

b) There is a bike/walk ordinance before city council, with comments due by 3/30.  A copy of the ordinance was distributed.

c) Donations from MBNC to Membe’s Fund and Rosie’s Girls have been approved.  Additionally, the MBNC purchase 5 bikes and helmets for the Richmond Police and Fire “Get a Kid a Bike” program.

d) Continued community concerns regarding speeding on Marina Bay Parkway.   Stan is pushing for the speed limit sign at the Meeker side of the underpass going into the Marina to be changed from 30 mph to 25 mph, to match the posted  speed limit signs elsewhere

e) The vacant property between the Rosie the Riveter museum and Marina Bay South has been sold and the buyers are considering residential development.  A presentation to the community is anticipated for our May 9th meeting.

f) The location used by the AMethod school has been purchase by the school.

g) The building that holds the commercial space currently used by Comcast is for sale.

h) The city is open to the idea raised in a previous meeting of working with the owners of the Richmond Food Center (at the corner of Cutting and Marina Bay Parkway) to improve its visual appearance and, hopefully, its usage by the community.

i)  The MBNC meeting next month on April 11th will include a presentation on the history of Pt. Molate.  For our may 9th meeting we are hoping for a report from the Richmond emergency services department in addition to the presentation about the development of the lot near the museum (see item e above).

j) A community member alerted us all to a free energy upgraded being offered here in Richmond, which could include appliances as well as light bulbs and power bars.  The contact for this program is “Joy” at 510-417-9821.

Police Beat Report:   Officer Mendel attended along with Lt. J. Schlemmer.   Officer Mendel indicated he did not have any information on any incidents more recent that two weeks ago, but he said things have been “pretty good” here in the Marina.  He says the only reports he is aware of are for an attempted theft from the CVS and a theft from a storage unit at the Extra Space Storage facility.

Officer Mendel and Lt. J. Schlemmer then conducted a detailed discussion of the sideshow incident that occurred in February at the intersection of Marina Bay Parkway and Regatta.

The officers also introduced a new email address they want the public to use to report incidents like sideshows and reckless driving in NON-EMERGENCY circumstances.   The email address is:

Fire at Sims Metal Management:  Jill Rodby, Public Relations and Michael Holmes, the Division Manager, spoke to the community about the fire that occurred in February at their premises.   The community raised concerns regarding how the company is changing its methods and practices in the wake of the incident.  There were also concerns raised about the unattractive appearance of the company’s lot…especially as viewed from the non-Cutting Blvd side.    Concerns were also raised about the company’s concerns regarding the opening of a restaurant across the street, but President Anderson reminded everyone that since the restaurant was located in a different neighborhood, the community was best to address the matter at the city council hearing on the matter scheduled for April 24th.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)

Meeting Minutes, Oct 11th, 2017

DISCUSSION: Traffic issues on Marina Way S. associated with A Method Schools

A Method schools has elementary, junior high and high school

Suggestion: have a person designated as liaison between neighborhood council and school from the school

  • Traffic
    • Traffic was at dead stop at one point with two people directing traffic
    • Traffic is heavier since new school
    • When not too much traffic; cars are speeding more than before.
  • Park and students
    • Not letting the maintenance people get their work done.
    • Destroying landscaping
    • Lawn brown spots from overuse at Edwards Park
    • Swarms of students on Big Green throughout the day.
    • Agapanthus all but gone
    • No permits have been issued as of a week ago
  • Walking, bike path students taking up too much room
  • Safety
    • No supervision by adults
    • Teach students to give way to people on Bay Trail if walking or on bicycles.

Police Officer Report — Officer Kris Palma

Petty thefts

Use of bathroom near Melville Square

Homeless still near train tracks BNSF is in charge – people go over the Kaiser fence


Ferry terminal – groundbreaking on November 1 – service to begin 2018

Richmond Rivera property has been sold – new owner

Toys for Tots for fire department

BayWalk beginning with something happening by next year. Mostly condos and some live work. About 250 units.

Area FM near Salutes is in play but no price and or plans. Orton has interest in it. Minimal retail and parking. Mostly residential. A street will go through to Marina Way S.

May be biofuel refinery opening close by

Canabus refining may be coming in


Speeding on Marina Bay Parkway city has done a few things to help the problem.

Veolia will be installing a couple of extracting trash – collectors. One is near PG&E office.


Minutes prepared by Lynne Therriault (MBNC Treasurer)

Meeting Minutes, July 12th, 2017

7:02 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson made several announcements:

a) The Home Front Festival and Rosie Rally will take place on August 12th (flyers and postcards were distributed)

b) The August 9th meeting of the MBNC would include a presentation from city staff regarding potential traffic calming measures for Marina Bay Parkway

c) The September meeting of the MBNC would have a representative from The Craneway Pavilion, who was unable to make it to this meeting as had been scheduled

d) Stan says he is trying to arrange for a representative from Anh’s Vietnamese Restaurant to offer an updated presentation

e) Stan reminded everyone that the Landscape & Lighting District needs representation from the MBNC and from the local HOA and that we were close to having a volunteer soon from the MBNC.

Police Beat Report:   Officer K. Palma reported on crime in our community and addressed community concerns.

Presentation – Crime Prevention, Michelle Milam, Crime Prevention Manager, City of Richmond Police Department:  Michelle Milam of the Richmond Police gave a presentation on ways neighbors can protect themselves in regards to property thefts.  She encouraged residents to report non-urgent crimes such as property theft via email to   She says all the officers see those emails, not just the current officer on patrol.   She says people should still use “911” for crimes in progress.   She offered numerous ideas for avoiding parcel theft from our entranceways, which she described as one of the fastest growing crimes.   Some ideas were discussed included:

a) Getting parcels delivered to your work or to a neighbor who is at home to receive them

b) Insisting where possible that senders require a signature for packages

c) Use the “Amazon Locker” service

d) Have parcels delivered at the UPS or Fedex stores instead of to your home

e) Sign up for Custom Delivery tracking information on the UPS/Fedex websites

f) Track all your packages using free onine services from USPS/UPS/Fedex and other service providers

g) Consider a camera system for your front door area

h) Consider a “package guard” device (this device on your porch will trigger an alarm if the package is delivered by an unknown person

i) Let your neighbors know if you are going to be away from your home

Ms. Milam then described some ideas for reducing bicycle theft:

a) Using a “u-lock” instead of standard chain locks.  She says they are harder to remove.

b) Having the bike engraved with ID so recovered stolen bikes can be returned to you.   She says this is especially helpful for “average bikes” that are not high-profile brands.

Ms. Milam says crime reports from the public are usually filed within 2-3 days with a case number, which victims can use to identify the matter when communicating with the police.  She says the public should allow 3 days for feedback on property crimes because the property crimes unit is overwhelmed.  But she said we could email her if we didn’t get the police report within a week.  She advised that reports can be filed online, including on the city police department’s mobile app.

She gave us her email address:

The website for the Crime Prevention Unit is:


Meetiing Adjourned at 8:17pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary)

Meeting Minutes, June 14th, 2017

7:05 pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson presented emergency preparedness kits that attendees could take with them after the meeting.  He reminded the meeting that the 4th of July fireworks would be taking place in the park the evening of July 3rd, and there could be thousands of visitors.  He also told the group about the upcoming Home Front Festival on August 12th.

Police Beat Report:   Officer K. Palma reported on crime in our communit and addressed community concerns.

Speeding on Marina Bay Parkway — General Discussion

Community members, along with representatives from the city and the police force held a spirited discussion about the issues of speeding on the parkway and potential ideas for solutions to the problem.  Some ideas explored included adding speed bumps; stop signs; flashing lights; max speed signs; pedestrian activated stop lights; increased speed limit signage; limit traffic to one-way in each direction by adding bike lanes.

It was noted by one member that residents can make requests directly to the city via the Citizen Traffic Request Form available on the city’s website.   (

Presentation – Kaiser Regional Lab:  Administrator Geoff O’Conner presented a slide show and film about the lab which is located on Marina Way South between Regatta Blvd and Wright Ave.

Meetiing Adjourned at 8:30pm

Minutes prepared by Stephen Beard (MBNC Secretary) and Lynne Therriault (MBNC Treasurer)

Meeting Minutes, May 10th, 2017

7:07pm — Meeting Called to Order by Secretary Stephen Beard

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  Secretary Beard announced that both President Anderson and Vice-President Cady were unable to attend the meeting so he would facilitate the discussion.    A short discussion of neighborhood concerns took place.

Police Beat Report:   Officer K. Palma, freshly back from Paternity Leave, reported on crime in our community and answered questions from the community.   Neighbors expressed concerns that the speed monitor on Marina Bay Parkway was in place for a very short period of time.  Officer Palma said he would ask for it to be brought back.    He said there were no major police reports in our area since his last report, just a few minor reports of vandalism and petty theft.    There was a discussion about a recent spate of shop-lifting at the CVS store.    Officer Palma encouraged residents to contact him or the department via email for non-emergency concerns and issues.  His email address is and the department email is

Presentation – Armistice Brewery.  Alex Zobol, Co-Owner:   Ms. Zobol shared an update on the progress being made at one of the neighborhood’s newest neighbors.   She says the brewery and tap room should open within a few months.  She says they will have a “Community Room” upstairs that they hope to share with local groups and help to support non-profits in our area.     Ms. Zobol shared some of the marketing plans for the brewery, and advised neighbors how they could stay informed about the brewery’s progress.

Presentation — Rising Sun Energy, Lindsey Roark:  Ms. Roark spoke about her non-profit that is working with the City of Richmond to offer free energy audits of residents’ homes.   They also will receive LED lightbulbs to replace their old CFL and incandescent bulbs, low-flow shower heads, kitchen sink aerators, and a smart power strip for entertainment centers.   She says the program is funded by PG&E and the City of Richmond.   She also told the group that the program works by hiring local young people for summer jobs, and that they need to source them right here in Richmond.  She asked for help with that effort.

Presentation – Hop to It, Todd Florey:   Mr. Florey runs a small business out of the Harbor Master Bldg serving boat owners in the Marina.   His business is cleaning the bottom of the boats.   He spoke for a few minutes about the work he does.    He has about 175 clients in this area.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:16PM

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, April 12th, 2017

7:00pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson described the role and function of the MBNC.

Beat Officer’s Report:   Officer Cortez reported for Officer K. Palma who is on paternity leave.  She stated that there were no mail thefts reported in our community in the last month.  Next week, there will be another speed operation and radar machine on Marina Bay Parkway.  The community requested that the speed operation also be conducted on Esplanade.  Cortez also reported that CVS has had a number of petty thefts.  They do have surveillance cameras, but the thieves grab and go quickly before they can be apprehended.  Cortez says that it is important that if you see something, report it, even if you do not have license plate or other information.   Use the non-emergency phone number in these cases 233-1214.  It helps the Department to know what types of crime are happening in the area so they can increase patrols as necessary.

Officer Bartley announced that the BRAVO teams have returned.  They are assigned to neighborhoods and do foot and bike patrols.  Their mission is to deal with crime trends in the area in support of the beat officers.  Officer Matsui is the BRAVO Officer for our neighborhood.

Announcements:  Stan Anderson told the community that Bay Walk is on schedule.  They have salvaged the redwood used in construction of the now demolished warehouse.  Armistice Brewery is planning to open with a couple months in the Crossings.  Hilltop community will have its first Sunday Food Emporium event on April 30th from 1:00-3:00 at Lake Park.  There will be food trucks, music and other activities.  All Richmond residents are invited to attend.  Several representatives from MBNC will attend to see if this is the type of event we would like to schedule in Marina Bay.

Emergency communications training/testing event, April 2, sponsored by the Marina Bay CERT Team:  Kathy Watson told the group about the first communications event.  About 15 residents from the community attended and learned about the strengths and limitations of the FRS/GMRS radio system in Marina Bay.  The next Marina Bay Communications training event will be held Sunday, May 21, 2017 1:00 – 3:00.  (See the detailed report at the end of the minutes.)

Rising Sun Energy Center: Lindsay Roark was unable to attend the meeting tonight but will be rescheduled for a future date.

Presentation – Long term planning for the Marina Bay neighborhood – Richard Mitchell – Director of Planning and Building Services:  The basic premise of the City General Plan is to use land intelligently and efficiently.  In Marina Bay, plans include making the area a walkable community and enhancing connectivity to other parts of the City, transportation hubs and public transportation.  Parking lots are not seen as efficient use of land.  The most viable proposal for parcel FM is from Orton.  In response to a question from the community, he said it does not include a grocery.  More roof tops are needed to make a grocery viable and its location at the end of a road does not add to the appeal for a grocery.   One might make more sense in the area near CVS.  The planned/approved Starbucks construction has been held up by the weather, the project will start as soon as weather permits.  Zeneca has finally agreed to clean up the 80 acres of the properly they occupied for a number of years.  An industrial warehouse is in the planning stages for 912 Harbour Way S.  The plan is to use the building as a distribution center.  Distribution centers, including the Amazon center on the Richmond Parkway do not generate as much tax revenue for the City as retail establishments do.

Minutes submitted by Elizabeth Heilman

Meeting Minutes, March 8th, 2017

7:05pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson described the role and function of the MBNC.

Police Beat Report:   No report.

Announcements:   President Anderson made the following announcements:

  1.   Next meeting April 12th.  Richard Mitchell, the City’s Planning Director, will come and speak about developments in Marina Bay.
  2.  We will be getting a presentation in the Spring about free energy audits and lightbulb replacements from a non-profit that serves Richmond residents.
  3.  Potholes are a big problem, including the level crossing at Regatta.   Mr. Anderson says the city services manager will work with the railways to address this problem.   He says the city plans to spend the next two weeks focussing on pot hole repair and will defer all paving projects for that time.
  4. Speed bumps have been requested by a resident in Marina Bay for Marina Bay Parkway.  The Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Committee (RNCC) reviewed this request and suggested instead that the city install a speed monitoring device on the roadway, marking the crosswalks more clearly, removing visible obstructions, and brightening the street lights.
  5. President Anderson plans to request a presentation on the history of Richmond for a future meeting.
  6. The Landscape and Lighting District Advisory Committee needs a representative from the Marina Bay Neighborhood Council and one more HOA rep.

Presentation – Jill Rodby and Michael Holmes, SIMS Metal Management: Ms. Rodby and Mr. Holmes gave a fascinating presentation on the work done at their business located in our community.

Presentation — Jeff Clinton, John Henry High School, AMethod Public Schools:  Mr. Clinton discussed the new high school opening on Marina Way South later this year.


Presentation — Kieron Slaughter, Richmond Wellness Trail: Mr. Slaughter shared the development and longer-term vision of the trail being created and planned from downtown to the waterfront.



Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, February 8th, 2017

7:04pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson described the role and function of the MBNC.

Presentation – Update from the National Parks Service.  Tom Leatherman, Superintendent of the Rosie The Riveter National Historic Park: Mr. Leatherman presented a slide show on recent and upcoming current activities of the park, including the citizenship ceremony at the Craneway; a campaign to distribute free park passes to Grade 4 students; sponsorship of the “Open Space Conference” at the Craneway; the Rosie Rally last summer as part of the re-launched Home Front Festival; the development of the Richmond Wellness Trail; recognition of park ranger Betty Soskin;  the growing collection of items at the museum; and continued work on updated signage to direct visitors to the park and museum.

Police Beat Report:   Officer K. Palma reported on crime in our community and answered questions from the community

Announcement:  President Anderson announced that the speakers scheduled for the March 8th meeting include a representative from local business Sims Metal; the organizer of the Richmond Wellness Trail; and a representative from the new high school in Marina Bay.

Presentation of Richmond PAL Donation:  President Anderson presented a check for $500 from MBNC to the Richmond Police Activities League which was gratefully received by Larry Lewis, the Executive Director of the organization.  Larry then gave a brief presentation on the activities of the organization, including their need for volunteers to be mentors to the young people in their league.

Presentation – Wayfinding Signage for Marina Bay — Alex Knox, Chief of Staff to the Mayor and C. Sequoia Erasmus, Director of Community Engagement:  Mr. Knox and Ms. Erasmus outlined the mayor’s idea of bringing way-finding signage to Marina Bay.   They said the city does not have any $$ to pay for it, and they were interested in learning about the resident’s interest in the idea. After a lively discussion, it became clear that although residents at this meeting were not opposed to the general idea of improved signage in our community, they wanted more details on the nature and costs, and were very much opposed to using funds from the Marina Bay Landscaping & Lighting District to pay for the signage.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, January 11th, 2017

7:05pm – Police Beat Report:   Meeting began with spontaneous dialogue between Officer K. Palma and community members on a variety of concerns.   Officer Palma said there were no reports of any serious incidents in our area recently.

7:07pm — Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.

Board Member Elections: Vice-President Bill Cady indicated that the previous slate of board members were all willing to serve another term and no one had expressed a desire to run for any of the positions.   He called for a motion to accept the new slate of officers by acclamation.   A motion was made by Elizabeth Heilman and seconded by Suzanne Nielsen.   The motion was unanimously approved.

The 2017 slate of officers are:

President — Stan Anderson

Vice President — Bill Cady

Secretary — Stephen Beard

Treasurer — Lynne Therriault

Announcements — President Stan Anderson

  1.   The city has distributed direct-mail announcements about the new rent control ordinance, which President Anderson shared.
  2.  The Richmond Police Department wants help evaluating their community engagement programs.   Surveys were distributed.
  3.  President Anderson reported that concerns were raised about water gushing down from the underpass in certain areas on to the roadway and sideways during heavy rains.  he says that he was advised that it either a design or build issue.  He reports that he emailed the city Engineer about this and hopes to have an update by the next meeting.
  4. President Anderson discussed several development items relevant to community, including the Bay Walk project, the John Henry High School Conditional Use Permit proposal, and the proposed Starbucks restaurant.    The Principal of the planned high school was present and a discussion about that proposal occurred with the community at this point.

Presentation — Donations from MBNC to notable causes

President Anderson announced the donations made by MBNC to Membe’s Way, the Richmond Police Activities League, and to the Rosie The Riveter Trust for its “Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp Program”.

Presentation – Rosie’s Girls Summer Camp Program:  Rosie the Riveter Trust Executive Director Marsha Mather-Thrift presented a slide show and presentation about the summer camp program.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, November 9th, 2016

7:05pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.   President Stan Anderson made several announcement:

  1. Nominations are needed for Executive Council members.  Current Vice-President Bill Cady volunteered to be on the Nominating Committee.
  2. The annual holiday pot-luck will be on Wednesday December 14th.
  3. President Anderson encouraged everyone to get involved in the council.  He says each community should have a representative.
  4. President Anderson advised that the MBNC has a seat on the Marina Bay Landscape & Lighting District and that property owners in Marina Bay pay property taxes to help support the District.
  5. The new water taxi charter service begins on November 14th from the Harbor Master Building to downtown San Francisco during commute hours.
  6. The traffic lights at the intersection of Marina Bay Parkway and Regatta Blvd are now automated and no longer flashing.   President Anderson advised caution as motorists get used to the new lights.
  7. The Charter School located on Marina Way S is pushing for a new permit from the city so they can support more students.   However, the Neighborhood Council is concerned because car traffic and congestion around the school is already causing real problems.   President Anderson says the MBNC is working with the city regarding our concerns.
  8. In October, the Planning Commission approved a new Conditional Use Permit for the Richmond Wholesale Meat business on Regatta Blvd.
  9. Construction of a new residential complex is expected to begin before the end of the year at the site of the old warehouse at the corner of Marina Way S and Wright Avenue.
  10. In October the Planning Commission approved a new Starbucks at the corner of Marina Bay Parkway and Wright Avenue.
  11. A new Mexican restaurant has opened in the plaza (near the CVS pharmacy).

Police Beat Report:   No Report.

Presentation – Discussion of Potential Development of Vacant Lot Adjacent to Salute Restaurant:  Nick Orton of Orton Development described one idea for development of the lot for commercial businesses and future housing.   The lot is owned by the City.   There was a conversation about desires and concerns about Orton’s concept and development of the site in general.   It was stressed by Mr. Orton and by President Anderson that no specific proposals have been requested by the city or submitted by any developers at this point.



Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, July 13, 2016

7:00pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.   President Stan Anderson said the request for a bench at the AC Transit stop on Regatta had been made to the transit agency.   He advised that plans for a Starbucks drive-thru was being considered by the city’s Design Review Committee.   President Anderson also reminded the group that August 13th was the date for the Rosie The Riveter Rally.

Police Beat Report:   Officer  K. Parlma said there was not much to report for our area.    There was a discussion of a rash of recent car break-ins inside the parking area at the Marina Bay Northshore complex.   There was a discussion of the recurring issues regarding maintenance at our local parks and recent police efforts to increase surveillance.

Announcement – Update on Activity with Executive Committee of MBNC:   President Stan Anderson announced that the Council had received a request that he resign over his handling of neighborhood concerns regarding Richmond Wholesale Meats, a meat-packing business on Regatta Blvd.    President Anderson said that our bylaws do not have any provisions in them regarding handling such a request.   He says he asked the Executive Committee members to offer a “vote of confidence” in whether he should stay on as President or not.   The Executive Committee members voted that they did have confidence in the President. No further action was taken.

Presentation – Fuel Leak in the Marina (Battalion Chief Manly Moulton Jr., Richmond Fire Department):     Mr. Moulton Jr. described an incident in the Marina on June 27th 2016, when a boat sank and leaked 50-100 gallons of diesel fuel into the marina.    The Chief went into great detail about the incident, and the response by authorities to the incident.  The Harbor Master was present and offered additional insights.   Questions from the community were addressed.

Presentation – Riggers Loft Wine Company (Kathy Lund):   Representative Kathy Lund told the MBNC all about her company’s wine tasting operation at the foot of Canal Blvd in Point Richmond.   The operation has spectacular views of the Bay and San Francisco skylines, and is open Thursday through Sundays.  For more information:

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, June 8, 2016

7:05pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.   President Anderson announced that Measures N and O both failed to pass at the June election.  He said that the playground associated with the AMethod Charter School will be located in a parking lot separated by bushes and a restroom from the Bay Trail.  He said the charter school expects there to be about 450 more students at their Marina Way S location if their request to the city to start a high school is approved.   President Anderson also announced that there will be a public meeting regarding pollution from the BioRad facility on Regatta Blvd on June 22nd at the Richmond Field Station of UC Berkeley.

Police Beat Report (Officer K Parlma): Officer Parlma said it was “still pretty safe down here” in Marina Bay.   He said the biggest concern recently has been mail theft, and ongoing issues with the parking area at Melville Square.   There were questions about noisy activities at the Craneway.  The officer said most of the trouble was associated with drunkenness and harrassment associated with attendees at some of the events held there.

Presentation – Anh’s Vietnamese Restaurant (Owner Geo Gelera):   Restaurant owner Geo Gelera discussed his new authentic Vietnamese food restaurant opening soon on Esplanade.   The restaurant will share parking with the Salute Restaurant.   He said the restaurant would be open 7 days a week, and they hope to open before the end of the year.   Food samples were offered to attendees for their enjoyment.

Presentation – Rosie Rally and HomeFront Festival (Supt. Tom Leatheman) :   Mr. Leatheman told the MBNC about the Rosie Rally and HomeFront Festival taking place this summer on August 13th.   At least 2088 people are needed to show up dressed like “Rosie”‘s to beat the record.   This year, they are having a Homefront Festival on the same day.   Postcards about the event were distributed to the attendees.

Presentation – National Park Service Urban Fellow (Kieron Slaughter) :   Mr. Slaughter told us about his new role as an Urban Fellow with the park service.  He says Richmond is just one of ten cities in the country to have an Urban Fellow.  He said his main project will be the design of a Richmond Wellness Trail.   He said there would be a three-day gathering (a “Charrette”) from August 8-10th of this year to consider the project.   He said the project was part of the City Manager’s health initiatives.   For more information:

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, May 11, 2016

7:01pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: President Stan Anderson said we would forgo with introductions of individuals so we could focus all our time on discussion of the local ballot measures “N” and “O” .  He announced that the next meeting would be held on June 8th at 7pm.

Police Beat Report: No Report.

Presentation on Measure “N”:    The ballot measure proposed a single family housing development at the foot of Marina Way South in an empty lot beside the Rosie the Riveter museum.   Leisa Johnson spoke in favor of the measure.   Ben Choi spoke in opposition to it.   Following their presentations and rebuttals of each other’s presentations, there were questions from the audience and a lively discussion.

Presentation on Measure “O”:    The ballot measure proposed a cap on the pay for the City of Richmond’s City Manager.  Fritz Kunze spoke in favor of the measure.   Ben Choi spoke in opposition to it.   Following their presentations and rebuttals of each other’s presentations, there were questions from the audience and a lively discussion.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, April 13, 2016

7:00pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.

Police Beat Report: No Report.

Presentation – Han’s Vietnamese Restaurant:   Presentation Postponed.   President Stan Anderson reported that Planning Department says only 35 parking spots are required for the planned restaurant so current parking lot is adequate.   Some re-striping may occur.   He says no off-site liquor sales will be allowed.   President Anderson says he hopes to reschedule the presentation for a future meeting.

Announcements – President Stan Anderson: Mr. Anderson says the MBNC will be having an “All Candidates’ Night” for the fall elections in September.  He says the city is trying to establish an Artisan’s Fair for our area.   He says the local AMethod Charter School is hoping to add a high school at its current location on Marina Way South.

Presentation – Richmond Wholesale Meats (Richard Doellstedt):   Company President Mr Doellstedt gave a presentation about his company and their history in Richmond and at their Regatta Blvd location.  He told MBNC about the kind of work they do in their business, and described some of the steps his company has taken to deal with neighborhood concerns.   There was a lively discussion.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, March 9, 2016

7:00pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.  President Anderson reported that the city is revising its zoning rules and that this is being discussed at the Neighborhood Coordinating Council.   He says their will be two local ballot initiatives for the June elections.   One will be about the proposed “Richmond Riviera” housing development on Marina Way South and the other will be about compensation for the Richmond City Manager.   He says the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) is opposed to the housnig development ballot measure.

Police Beat Report, Officer Terry Thomas: Officer Thomas discussed crime activity since January 1st, including one auto theft and several burglaries.    He says there have been issues with loitering at Shimada Park.    He answered questions from residents about various issues, including security in the parks, mis-use of the parking lot at Melville Square, and noisy sirens from police officers departing the station on Regatta Blvd.

Announcements:  President Stan Anderson advised that the cause of the underpass flooding last week was unknown, but was resolved quickly.   The Marina Bay Harbor Master Steve Orosz told the MBNC about the “Strictly Sail” event coming to Marina Bay this year for the first time.  He said it would be held from April 7th through the 10th at the Marina and that there would be events at the Craneway also.

Presentation – BART Update (BART Director, Zachary Mallett):    Director Mallett spoke about BART’s past, present, and future with a focus on our area.   He discussed improvements at our local BART stations and public meetings scheduled this month for potential future transit options north of the Richmond BART.   He described how BART has the oldest fleet of trains in the United States and older infrastructure and encouraged attendees to support an upcoming ballot measure which would provide funding to help BART deal with this issue.

Presentation – CERT Program at Breakers Community (Karen Fenton, Neighbor):  The Breakers community has set up their own Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).   Resident Karen Fenton discussed the disaster preparedness program at her community and activities her HOA has taken to help prepare for an earthquake.  She offered to share her community’s experience and expertise with any of the other HOAs in our area.


Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Richmond Bay Trail Network Fall 2015 Update

TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee, normally issues colorful new year and mid year reports on progress toward completing the Bay Trail in Richmond. However, so much has been accomplished during the past three months that we are sending you this special but plain vanilla third quarter update, rather than awaiting the January new year report.

The seven active projects discussed below will close over six miles of Bay Trail gaps within two years, provided that the City of Richmond (City), East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) and TRAC working together are able to secure funding to construct two of the projects when shovel ready. Most of these gaps are located around Point Pinole Regional Shoreline and between the Point Richmond & Point Molate as shown on the attached map.

Point Pinole:

EBRPD is on a roll. They have awarded a $1.5 million contract to begin public access improvements on the 150-acre Breuner Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project and are advertising for bids on a $5.6 million project to construct a second entrance to Point Pinole Regional Shoreline (PPRS) from the end of Atlas Road.

The Breuner Marsh Project includes a staging area with restrooms and motor vehicle parking accessible from the northern end of Goodrick Ave. Leading north over Rheem Creek will be 0.3 miles of new Bay Trail plus a 0.3-mile scenic spur trail enhanced by picnic areas and vista points with benches. This project will be finished by May 2016 with the next phase building another 1.2 miles of Bay Trail into PPRS scheduled for completion by May 2017. Complementing EBRPD’s Breuner project, the City has awarded BKF Engineers a $156,000 contract for design, environmental and permit work on a 0.4-mile trail along Goodrick Ave. to connect the Breuner trail staging area with the Bay Trail along the Richmond Parkway. Geotechnical and environmental technical studies are being finalized with 65% design work underway.

EBRPD’s Atlas Road entrance project includes a bridge over the UP railroad corridor linking the Bay Trail along Atlas Road with the 4.5 miles of Bay Trail within PPRS. Complementing this EBRPD project, LDK Ventures has agreed to construct 0.5 miles of Bay Trail leading north from Atlas Road toward Pinole before occupancy of a new 700,000 sq. ft. industrial building they plan to build along Atlas Road.

Point Molate:

Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), EBRPD and the City are advancing separate projects that together will complete the Bay Trail to and along the shoreline of the City’s Point Molate property by late 2017. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Association of Bay Area Governments voted to add BATA’s Richmond/San Rafael Bridge Access Improvement Project to Plan Bay Area and the regional Transportation Improvement Plan. The project definition was expanded to include the Point Molate Bay Trail section between Stenmark Drive and Castro St., rather than only as far east as Marine St., thanks to letters from Mayor Tom Butt, Contra Costa Transportation Authority and TRAC supported by 74 emails from East Bay residents. Partnering with the City, EBRPD advertised for consultant proposals and is about contract for construction design and permitting to continue the Point Molate Bay Trail 2.5 miles from Stenmark Drive to the northern border of the City’s Point Molate property.

South Richmond:

Richmond’s City Council adopted the South Richmond Transportation Connectivity Plan in mid September. Implementation of this excellent plan will greatly improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety where the Bay Trail is on city streets, rather than along the shoreline. For example, the plan calls for separating bicyclists from motor vehicle traffic on Harbour Way, Marina Way and Hoffman Blvd., as well as improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety at the broad intersection of Central Ave. and Rydin Rd. Before the ink was dry on this plan, the applicant for the Bay Walk Mixed-Use Project on a 10-acre site at the intersection of Marina Way South and Wright Ave. agreed to install bike lanes on its section of Marina Way, repave Wright Avenue with bike lanes between Marina Way and Harbour Way and make safety improvements at the intersection of Marina Way and Wright Ave.

TRAC Steering Committee

Your Chance to Comment on the Richmond Bay Specific Plan (previously known as the South Shore Specific Plan)

The draft Richmond Bay Specific Plan (RBSP), formerly known as the South Shoreline Specific Plan, is now available for public review and comment. The RBSP will facilitate the implementation of Richmond’s new General Plan by establishing specific planning policies, regulations, and urban design guidelines for an approximately 220-acre area area located in the City of Richmond, south of Interstate Highway 580. The RBSP will focus on ways Richmond can take advantage of the planned Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay, future ferry service, and other area assets to create a sustainable shoreline district providing jobs, housing, transportation options, and opportunities for entertainment and recreation.

The draft RBSP will be presented at the Planning Commission meeting on October 15, 2015 at 6:30 PM or soon after and at the City Council meeting on October 27, 2015 at 6:30 PM or soon after. Both meetings will be held at the City Council Chambers, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, 94804.

An online copy of the draft Richmond Bay Specific Plan (RBSP) can be found at

Written comments on the draft RBSP are due by November 16, 2015.

Complete Mayor Tom Butt’s Survey on Marketing and Branding the City of Richmond!

One of Mayor Tom Butt’s top priorities is to conduct a full scale branding and marketing study of the City of Richmond. The study is underway and is at a critical stage of the research. The goal of this study is to make sure that the way we represent ourselves as a City is reflective of our community and that we establish an image and improved reputation with our residents, neighbors, businesses and visitors.

Please take a brief moment to fill out this resident survey and help inform the research:

Your response will remain confidential and will be gathered directly by our consultants at  North Star Destination Strategies

Meeting Minutes, August 12, 2015

7:34pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.

Police Beat Report: Officer Decious gave a report on general crime issues in Beat 1, which includes Marina Bay.   He said crime is up all over the city, but not noticeably in Marina Bay.  In emergencies residents should call 9-1-1. Residents can contact him directly via email for non-emergencies:   (

Moody Underpass Project Report (Jacqueline Majors): Ms. Majors said work continuing on the underpass.   Two towers on the bridge going up soon, as well as sidewalk railings and fences.   There is no specific date for official opening, but hopes sidewalks will be opened by end of September, with landscaping efforts after that. There have been reports of pedestrians crossing over the roadway and emphasized that people should stop doing this because it is not safe.   The flashing red lights at the intersections will be reset to the regular red-yellow-green traffic lights only AFTER the project is fully completed.  (

Announcement – Rosie The Riveter Rally on August 15th (Allison Joyce): Ms. Joyce advertised the event on August 15th to break the Guinness World Book of Records for the “Most Rosie’s” at the park, and answered questions about costumes, parking, and other details. (

Presentation – Richmond Hiltop YMCA (Kristy Sharkevy): Ms. Sharkevy gave a presentation on the services offered at the Y, and handed out programs and some passes. (

Presentation – NIAD (Deb Dyer): Ms. Dyer gave a presentation regarding the Nurturing Independence through Artistic Development (NIAD) Art Center and its studio for artists with developmental disabilities in downtown Richmond.   (

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay

Follow the development of the UC Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay:

The vision for the campus at Richmond Bay: A Bold Global Vision

Chancellor’s Message–Open letter to the Richmond Community from UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks Click here to read the letter

Keep updated on development of the campus–Read the News about the Berkeley Global Campus

Minutes, July 7, 2015

7:32 pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.

Police Beat Report: Officer B. Therriault gave a report.  Marina Bay had two reported crimes in June. One was a stolen car and the other was identity theft.   This low incident rate was noteworthy because of a recent surge in property crime elsewhere in Richmond.   Officer Therriault circulated a picture of an alleged “peeping tom” reported here in Marina Bay.   Officer Therriault advised community members to email the department’s traffic sergeant directly regarding these types of concerns.

Moody Underpass Project Report (Jacqueline Majors): Ms. Majors said there was no date yet for the complete opening of the underpass in September.   She said the sidewalks would not open until the September full opening.   She indicated that the flashing red traffic lights at the Meeker/Marina Bay Parkway intersection would be upgraded to a full signal system after all the construction was completed.

Presentation – Parks Service Events (Kieren Slaughter): Mr. Slaughter gave a presentation regarding events this summer at the Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park & Museum.   This includes the “Rosie Rally” planned for August 15th at the park.

Presentation – “Made in Richmond” (Janet Johnson): Ms. Johnson gave a presentation regarding a city program to support gift baskets made by local Richmond businesses.

Presentation – New Charter School (Jorge Lopez, Principal): Principal Lopez gave a presentation regarding Amethod Charter School’s proposal to move their Richmond Charter School location to a space on Marina Bay South near the Harbor Master Building.   He said the school would serve up to 660 students from K-8 beginning this fall.     A vigorous discussion occurred about safety concerns for the play area at the school, possible traffic congestion from students being dropped off and other potential impacts on the community.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes, June 10, 2015

7:35pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions & Announcements: Members of the community introduced themselves.   Next meeting announced for Wednesday July 8th 2015 with representatives of the planned charter school coming to talk about their plans.

Discussed community meeting held June 3rd at the Marina Bay HOA regarding issues associated with diesel exhaust, noise, and light pollution from several businesses along Regatta Blvd.

Stan advised that city is short two city planners, down from 5 to 3.   The city wants MBNC input on planned charter school.   After much discussion the group agreed that MBNC would share its concerns with city following charter school presentation at our next meeting.   Stan said he would investigate if that would be adequate notice to the city for them to slow down the project if our concerns were not addressed.

Police Beat Report: No officer present. No report

Moody Underpass Project Report (Jacqueline Majors): Ms. Majors announced partial opening of underpass by Friday July 2nd, with one lane in each direction.   No sidewalk usage. No lighting.   She said there will be “traffic controls” for drivers as contractors will still be working at the site and their safety must be ensured. Ms. Majors said the delays in work caused by the partial opening will prevent completion of the entire project until sometime in September. Some attendees felt delay into September was not properly represented when group voted on early opening at the previous meeting. Concerns were also expressed about safety without street lights during this partial opening period.

Presentation – EBMUD (Lisa McIntosh): A thorough presentation regarding water usage and the drought by local resident and EBMUD Board Member Lisa McIntosh.   Free yard water-saving devices and info packets provided to all attendees.

Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Agenda, Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 7:30-9:00 PM

Harbormaster’s Meeting Room*

1340 S Marina Way

Beat Officer’s Report–Law Enforcement report on what is happening in Marina Bay.

Update on Moody Underpass – Jacqueline Majors will update us on the status of the project.

Marina Bay Landscape and Lighting DistrictJonathan Taylor, President of the Advisory Committee to the Marina Bay Landscaping and Lighting District and Marina Bay resident will update us on the work of this group 

EBMUD, Water and the Drought–Lesa McIntosh, EBMUD Director and Marina Bay resident

*Directions: over the RR tracks, turn left onto Hall Ave. Park in the lot on the right.

Meeting Meeting Minutes May 13, 2015

7:34pm – Meeting Called to Order by President Stan Anderson

Introductions: Members of the community introduced themselves.   Next meeting announced for Wednesday June 10th 2015 with EBMUD coming to talk about the drought.

Announcements: Activity file distributed to attendees for review; News about Richmond police on cutting edge of violence prevention; Uptick in personal property theft; Planning Dept considering approval Charter School on Marina Way South.

Police Beat Report (Officer Jose G. Villalobos, #1318): Officer Villalobos advised us about new program for handling “5150” incidents; the use of body cameras by Richmond officers; Property crime down in Marina Bay; Marina Bay remains “very safe area”; RPD below capacity by 20 officers

Moody Underpass Project Report (Jacqueline Majors): Ms. Majors requested community feedback on partial opening in June vs no opening at all until August. She said choice of former would delay full completion by a short period of time in August.   Group voted to support early partial opening.   Ms. Majors said this would happen towards the end of June. No date for paving balance of roadway yet.   Moody family expected to visit the site on May 19th for a ceremony to imprint their handprints in the concrete

Presentation – Richmond City Smartphone APP: A presentation and demonstration was given by Sue Hartman and Steve Furtado of the City of Richmond regarding the new “CivicTrak” mobile app for the public to keep in touch with the city and report problems.

Presentation – Air Quality Monitoring: A presentation and demonstration was given by Axel Abellard of Argos Scientific regarding the air quality monitoring of the Chevron refinery and the ability of members of the public to monitor it directy via the website:


Minutes Submitted by Stephen Beard, MBNC Secretary

Meeting Minutes February 11, 2015

Stan Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM, provided statement of purpose followed by introductions.

Lynne Therriault provided membership information which prompted a neighbor to question what was done with the funds collected in dues. Aside from the Holiday party and mailing, there is no specified use for the funds. Stan suggested that it would be good to look at possible organizations in greater Richmond or Marina Bay as possible recipients of donations. The Board will consider possible this at a future meeting.

The public art project approved for the space between Sheridan Point and the Craneway is pending coordination with WETA (Water Emergency Transportation Authority) ferry shoreline improvements application with BCDC (Bay Conservation and Development Commission). BCDC will not consider the project plans until the WETA plans are submitted.

Beat Officer Report:   Beat 1 Officer Villalobos reported that there had been 49 property crimes since December1 – most of these were in Point Richmond which is experiencing an increase in crime lately, perhaps related to the construction in the area. He did not have the specific numbers for Marina Bay. The homeless have been trying to set up an encampment near the storage facility on Meeker. Since this is railway property, the railroad company is dealing with the situation.

Moody Underpass Update: Brandon Majors stated that the concrete walls are approximately 80% complete. 600 tons of asphalt has been placed with more to come. Mid-June is still the planned opening date, but this will be moved out with any rain delays. In response to a question about funds that will be available for upgrades and landscaping, Stan stated that there would be some funds available, but at this point, the amount is pending any construction requirements.

Masquers Playhouse: David Cole, President of the Board of Directors – Masquers is celebrating its 60th anniversary in its 88 seat theater in Point Richmond. With an all volunteer staff and cast, this local nonprofit group presents five major productions, two Envision productions, several fundraising musical concerts, several education and development programs for young people and Off Stage which introduces new works by local playwrights in the form of staged readings. Website:; phone 510-232-3888.

Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training: Deputy Fire Marshall, Robin Poindexter, reminded the group of the importance of having multipurpose ABC fire extinguishers readily available around our homes and demonstrated the proper way to use them with high tech equipment. Neighbors then had an opportunity to use extinguishers to put out the tech flame. For many it was the first time they had held and operated an extinguisher. She also pointed out that baking soda can be used to help put out fires. Chemically, it is the same as the contents of an extinguisher, but the extinguisher is more efficient because the suppressant is under pressure. Most home fires are cooking fires – put a lid on it and never walk away from cooking food on the stove.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM

Meeting Minutes January 14, 2015

Opening and Announcements – Stan Anderson

The meeting opened at 7:30 pm and Stan did introductions.


Election of Officers – Stan Anderson

Election of officers was held and by unanimous vote all officers were re-elected to their positions. Stan Anderson – Chair, Barbara Norrish – Vice Chair, Lynne Therriault – Treasurer, Bob Bezek – Secretary.

Lighted Signs Discussion – Stan Anderson

Proposals for lighted billboard signs are coming before the City planning department. The general sense of the group was not in favor of lighted billboards.

Bobalou Café Alcohol Permit – Stan Anderson

A discussion was held regarding a request by the new Bobalou Café to serve alcohol. The restaurant is located in the business park area across from the bingo hall. The group had no objections with the proposal.

Poe Housing Development Status – Stan Anderson

Mr. Poe is proposing a 62 townhome development on the 4 acre site near the Rosie the Riveter Museum. Stan explained that it is not consistent with the City Landuse plan which has the area zoned for mixed use. There were a lot of questions from the audience so Stan will try to get representatives from the developer and the City planning department to attend a future meeting.

Beat Officer’s Report – No Officer Present

Moody Underpass Update – Jacqueline Majors

Project was delayed due to rain in December and is now scheduled to be completed in June 2015. They are still working on some street light issues. Stop signs will be added to the intersection with the flashing light to emphasize the need to stop. People have been running the light.

Richmond History Museum – Linda McCreary

Ms. McCreary had to leave but MBNC Treasurer Lynne Therriault made a brief presentation about the museum and made available literature that Ms. McCreary had brought with her. The Museum is open Wednesday thru Sunday. She noted that they also are the owners of the Red Oak Victory.

Mindful Life Project – JG Larochette

Mr. Larochette gave a very energized discussion about the Mindful Life Project that has a goal of creating “Healing Communities One Child at a Time.” Their organization works directly with schools to empower underserved children through mindfulness and other transformative skills to gain self-awareness, confidence, self-regulation and reliance all leading to lifelong success. Their focus is children and teachers in the K-12 range. You can visit their website at

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM


Meeting minutes submitted by Bob Bezek, MBNC Secretary.

Meeting Minutes, March 12, 2014


Stan opened the meeting at 7:30 pm and did introductions. Stan circulated several pictures he had of the Moody Underpass construction. At the April meeting there will be a presentation on the archeology of the Moody Underpass site. New housing units are proposed at 830 Marina Way, Stan will find out more. A lighted Billboard was proposed and if the proposal moves forward Stan will bring it back as an issue for discussion.

Beat Officer’s Report – No Officer Present

Stan had a report from the Chief’s office. Overall in the City violent crimes are down. Due to budget issues there may be a reduction in the force.

Moody Underpass Update

Stan reported that AT&T has stopped the project until they move some telephone lines. The work migt take 30 days. The City is taking steps to get things moving so it doesn’t affect the project schedule. Additional information regarding the project can be obtained by visiting the project website at

Presentation on Stormwater Management at Moody Underpass Project.

Elizabeth Smilley, Thunder Mountain Enterprises, Inc.

Ms. Smilley reported that she is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the site. She was hired by the City to oversee the contractor’s implementation of the SWPPP. The plan is to control sediment and erosion from leaving the site. The contractor is to also ensure dirt isn’t tracked off site by vehicles leaving the site.

Presentation on Point Molate Park by Jim Hite

Jim gave a brief overview of the park and that they are looking for volunteers. The City owns the property and there is clean up needed. He provided a brochure. We will post information on the MBNC website.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM


Meeting Minutes Submitted by Bob Bezek, Secretary.

2015 Bay Trail in Richmond Report

Now available for your enjoyment and information is the 16th Richmond Bay Trail New Year Report prepared by TRAC, the Trails for Richmond Action Committee. This upbeat, colorful report features newly built Bay Trail sections and describes plans for completing the San Francisco Bay Trail in Richmond. Richmond now has over 32 miles of Bay Trail built — more than any other city on this planned 500-mile hiking and biking route encircling San Francisco and San Pablo Bays. However, ten miles of gaps still remain. You and download a copy of the report by clicking on the link: 2015 Bay Trail in Richmond Report

Meeting Minutes January 8, 2014

  1. Announcements

Stan opened the meeting at 7:30 pm and did introductions. No announcements were recorded.

  1. Beat Officer’s Report (Daniel Sanchez)

Office Sanchez gave a report with no significant crimes. Questions were asked about park restrooms. They are currently open 24 hours but will look into the possibility of them closing at night. They used to be policed by a private security service but no longer. Questions were asked about recent reports of mail theft, he will find out and report back. Questions were also asked about cameras surveillance and if the City funds or supports it. The City has some but they are not adding on, even if purchased by others. They can provide advice to those that want to install cameras.

  1. Moody Underpass Update (Jacqueline Majors)

Jacqueline Majors reported that there were no current delays in the Moody Underpass project. She added 4 large signs to help direct people to businesses in the area. She is also addressing street light outage with the City. If anyone has issues or questions about the project they should email her and not the City. Her email address is; Additional information regarding the project can be obtained by visiting the project website at

  1. Presentation on Contaminated Soils in the Marina Bay Neighborhood by Sherry Padgett

Sherry is a longtime resident and business owner in the Marina Bay area that has been very active in researching and understanding the situation surrounding the management of toxic materials as the Marina Bay area has been developed. She presented a history of the area and maps showing sites where long term disposal sites exist. There is a Richmond SE Shoreline Advisory Group and a Toxics Committee that meets once a month.


  1. Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM


Meeting Minutes Submitted by Bob Bezek, Secretary.