Marina Bay Neighborhood Council


Due to the COVID-19 virus and the current “Stay-at-home order”, Marina Bay Neighborhood Council (“MBNC”) has canceled its June 10th, 2020 meeting.

Update: MBNC is working on scheduling an upcoming “Candidates Night”. This past January 21st, the City adopted an ordinance changing its election of City Council members from an at large system to an election by district. The upcoming November 3rd, General Election, City Councilmembers will be elected for the first time for Districts 1, 5 and 6. Marina Bay is located within District 5; so please check periodically this website at for future updates for the event.

Please visit the main COVID-19 City of Richmond page for essential information.

We hope everyone is safe and well and look forward to reconnecting soon.
Thank you!

“The Neighborhood Council provides the machinery for citizens to function directly in shaping their own community life.” — Lucretia Edwards

Who We Are...

The City of Richmond enabled the formation of Neighborhood Councils in recognition of the value of self-governance. The Marina Bay Neighborhood Council provides a forum for all Marina Bay residents to exchange ideas on community issues, to help solve neighborhood problems, and to function as a resource for information concerning public and private agencies, government entities, and the legislative process.

  • We are organized and managed by Marina Bay residents.
  • Everyone has an opportunity to speak out to make a difference in the Marina Bay neighborhood.
  • We are empowered to act on issues of crime, traffic, local schools, policies, and intended actions of governmental bodies.
  • We assist in making the changes necessary for building a clean, safe, and attractive environment in which to live.
  • Our success depends on the active involvement of volunteers, both residents and business owners, to get to know each other and to work together to promote a thriving community.
  • At our meetings, we cannot as an organization or as individuals representing the organization, discuss, support, or oppose candidates for office.
  • We can, however, support or oppose causes and measures and on occasion may vote whether or not to endorse such a cause or measure.

Our strength comes from our membership. The more members we have, the louder our “voice”. Please join the Marina Bay Neighborhood Council so that we can be heard.

Our Accomplishments...

  • Provided a forum for the City of Richmond to identify construction alternatives for the Moody Underpass project
  • Gained absolute assurance that there would be a 24/7 access to our communities during construction of the underpass.
  • Blocked a proposal for a cement processing facility at the Port of Richmond.
  • Created an action plan banning alcohol and amplified sound in the Marina Bay parks.
  • Developed a memo of understanding with California Oils regarding the management of odors being emitted.
  • Worked with the State of California Dept of Health Services to ensure that the facility’s architectural standards fit with the Marina Bay environment.
  • Promoted improved traffic signage (including stop signs) and safety fences in the Marina Bay area.
  • Discouraged development of Bio Fuel Refineries on Harbor Way South within the Marina Bay Neighborhood sphere of influence.
  • Discouraged the development of a Crematorium / Mausoleum on Marina Way South.

2020, JULY 3rd EVENT CANCELLED💥 Please be aware the City has canceled the July 3rd fireworks and other events in Marina Bay park. 🎇

Upcoming Events
June Meeting
10 June 2020

Become a Member – Join Now!

The Marina Bay Neighborhood Council provides a forum for Marina Bay residents to exchange ideas on community issues and solve neighborhood problems. Meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. Become a member by submitting a Membership Application. The Annual membership fee per calendar year is $15 per person or $25 for two persons in the same household.

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