Marina Bay Neighborhood Council

Marina Bay Neighborhood Council (“MBNC”) hosted a “Meet the Candidates” Night. Did you miss it?
Use the link to view the video recording of the District 5 Candidates.
This will be the first “District Council Election” for our community and for the city of Richmond.


Please visit the main COVID-19 City of Richmond page for essential information.
We hope everyone is safe and well and look forward to reconnecting soon.
Thank you!

Marina Bay Neighborhood Council

President: Margarita Mitas
Vice President: Anita Mermel
Secretary: Amelia Morgan
Treasurer: Lynne Therriault

Community Representatives


The Anchorage
Anchor Cove
Artisan Cove
Bay Front
The Beach
The Cove


Marina Bay
The Shores
Sunset Pointe
Boating Community
Business Community

Meet the District 5 Candidates
September 9th at 7:00pm
Event Details

Community Advisory

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